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How Not To Get Friend-Zoned/Bro-Zoned [99% Works].

Date: 2020-12-17 11:38:50

By TabloidXO

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There is a pandemic going on, people are finding immunity boosters, developing the cure to save themselves from the virus and then there is us, we are thinking about ways to not enter the danger zone aka friend-zone or bro-zone. Once upon a time, we never even thought a zone like this would exist. Actually, it did exist but we did not recognize it, we just simply adjusted to it but then came Pyaar ka Punchnama and then we started having issues with our system after hearing Kartik Aryan rant in his speech and we made a hero out of Zakir Khan, then we addressed this danger zone and now we want an out. Well, if not an out then we at least do not want to enter it, ever!


So here is what you can do, be clear about your intentions. Now, this sounds too direct but nothing else is as effective as this is. It is not a company that first you can sign up for any post and then later witch your domain or wait for a promotion, it is what it is and you need to be clear. If you are not a volunteer for Raksha Bandhan, then please say so. Now this does not confirm that you will get to shoot your shot but then it still would not put you in the bro-zone, ozone, bro-zone, anti-bro-zone, your choice.


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Stop being too available.

Actually, you know, this goes for everybody in life. It seems novel and kind to be there for everybody but if you are there a lot then you often find yourself being taken for granted and none of us like that. Now, this does not mean you go out of the way to become an emotionless distant person but understand when you are needed and when you are being taken for granted.

If your crush already has a partner, why are you even trying?

Here is the thing kid, if your crush leaves somebody else for you (let us just assume there is a chance that this can happen) then understand you can be replaced as well. Either way, you are not going to last long so if there is a chance you will be friend-zoned because your crush already has a special somebody, then do not even try.


If you think special gestures work, yes they do, they work miracles but

Special gestures are not good morning and good night on Whatsapp, romantic gestures speak one thing and friendly gestures speak what they are. Flowers are romantic and they convey your message, memes will land you in friend-zone only.



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