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How To Be A Good Wingman For Your Friend

Date: 2019-02-09 16:31:17

By Manveen

Now that Valentine's day is coming and so many of you are in need of information or advice and we are very very happy to help you out. Maybe your scene is sorted but not your buddy's and see if you go ahead with your sorted scene without sorting your buddy's that is going to give you a guilt trip of another level, so here is the deal, save yourself the BT and be a good wingman. Here is how:

1.) Insert Bestfriend.

It is human psychology, if your friend will go alone to talk to a woman chances are she might diss him down right before he can even utter a monosyllable but if two people might talk then she might at least let you say hi and introduce yourself because for two people to go talk to someone might seem like you know they might need some help/assistance.


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2.) Friends make more friends.

If point number one has been accomplished then try chilling out with the girl you approached friends as well. It will be super weird for both of you to hit on one woman so as your friend tries to sort himself you can make new friends today, the world is full of fake optimism and opportunities, make the most of it.


3.) Thunder.

Be a good friend but not a better one than your friend, you are there to make him look like a mighty hero so just tame yourself down and do not take away his thunder. In fact, make him look better there.


4.) Appropriate indulgence.

See we get it that you want to help but do not go overboard and screw everything up. You want to make him look like a hero but make sure you do not make him look like a hero who would hire minions to sell him to make himself look better. This is a very douchebag attempt.


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5.) Proper Introduction.

Every good conversation needs to have a good foundation so do not just simply start hitting it off for the score and introduce yourself like a decent human being would and then introduce your friend as well and ask for introductions and information as well.


6.) Stay a team.

If your buddy is too deep in a conversation do not leave just yet, hang in there. You guys came for war together, brothers in the arm just because one brother is about to win does not mean he actually will win. Ensure the victory before you bid your leave.



7.) Generosity.

You did a good thing, very good. Here is your star but do not try to impose your help on your friend in the future. Be the best version of a wingman that you can be!


We hope you will come out to be best wingman for your friend, thank us later, we are happy to help you and your bestie,
You are welcome!


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