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We Asked Guys 'What Things They Will Look For In Their Future Wife?' & The Answers Are Awwww!

Date: 2018-09-30 11:30:59

By Mansha

As girls have a checklist of getting a perfect guy of her dream, men too have this kind of checklist; the only difference is that they are not so vocal about what kind of wife they want? Today, we have talked to several men and asked them what kind of traits they want in their future wife? And girls, trust us they are as fussy as us. Ladies, check out this checklist and make a note of these points for future reference.

Who's smile makes my day, I want my day to start with her smile and ends with her magical smile. - Anonymous


Who spreads positivity in my life even though I am being negative about certain things? - Anonymous

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Who knows the value of family, who respects our families the most? I don't mind if I will be her second priority and first would be our families. - Anonymous

Who will take my mom her own, spends quality time with her like shopping and planning dates with her? - Anonymous


Who knows how to make me calm in the situations when I am being over hyper or snapping at people around me. - Anonymous

I want my wife to be confident and independent. I won't like it if she will ask me before doing anything. I would like her to proud of herself as a woman and a wife. - Anonymous

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They say a mature man and a kiddish woman make a perfect match. I want someone who spreads joy in my life. - Anonymous


I want my wife who believes in honesty because I believe relationships are based on trust. - Anonymous

I don't care about the physical attraction, for me compatibility matters the most; who will understand me like no other. - Anonymous

Who will respect me as a person, who always compliments me for my tries to make her feel special even though I can't be 100% perfect like her. - Anonymous


A perfect wife is who doesn't fight on pity things, who knows I am not perfect neither is she. Who will put love first as her priority than indulging in unwanted dramas? - Anonymous

I want my wife to be fun, who tries crazy things with me and who likes to explore new things in life like me. - Anonymous


The one who is loyal and has your back. - Anonymous


I want my wife who loves me for who I am, who genuinely like me. - Anonymous

A wife who shares my problems and help me to forget all of those by her presence by my side. - Anonymous

They say best relationships are that which starts with friendship. I want my wife to be my best friend first then my wife. - Anonymous


A woman who understands the pain of others, I don't want my wife to be cold-hearted. Her kindness is what I would love the most. - Anonymous

I want someone who would accept her mistakes and accept that she can to be wrong sometimes. - Anonymous

Who doesn't try to change my habits or me.
Who listens to me patiently. - Anonymous


I don't have any checklist; I want her to be kind, intelligent, honest, caregiver and romantic. Who should know to take the first step too sometimes. - Anonymous


Who should know how to order food in the restaurant (because I don't know), & for making and baking, I will keep people. - Anonymous

Who treats my siblings as her own and who brings stability to my life and my family? - Anonymous


So girls, when you want someone to be your life partner. Keep these points in your mind and blow up his mind by being perfect.

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