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5 Things You Should Do If You Want To Come Out Of Heartbreak Depression

Date: 2019-03-23 17:47:53

By Eza

We have all had our hearts broken. Sometimes through unrequited love which we thought was mutual. And other times with people who we thought were the love of our lives, but other things didn't turn out well or they cheated on you.

As beautiful as being in love is, as much as it makes your heart race, making you feel like as alive as possible, heartbreak is the worst. Specially for the first time! You feel the end collapsing on you. It is so hard to imagine a future which does not include them and ultimately everything reminds you of them. I know, it can be hard. But it is not healthy, drowning yourself in nostalgia in the memories of a person who you knew only in the past. Like every train passing a station, people come and go. But it is not easy to get over your first love.

Here are some suggestions on how to get over your first love-

1. Try not to romanticize it.

It may be the best experiences in your life so far, but understand that this is not the end. Someone made you happy and giddy at one point of time, but they don't do so anymore.


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2. Cherish the memories instead of mourning them.

The moments you have shared with them are special and that is true. But instead of mourning the loss, try to be happy that it happened in the first place. Be grateful for the experience of love. Learn to accept things and move on.


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3. Do not idealise them.

Do not blame them for everything and do not think they are not at fault in anyway either. Understand that they are only a person. They can make mistakes and should be forgiven. Understand them instead of applying your ideas of them. May be god has planned something much better for both of you!



4. Talk to others who care about you.

They might be your first love, but you have other people who love and care about you. Talk to them. They are probably worried about you and want to help you out. By talking to them, you will help them understand what you are going through and it will also help you as you share and understand the situation yourself. Be close to them and don't be scared of asking for help.


5. Do not close yourself off.

Just because you got your heart broken once, don't close yourself off. Know that love still exists, it is not the person, but the feeling that made you feel so good. Don't be scared of a heartbreak so much that you never allow yourself to fall in love again.


We all get out heart broken, but it is also up to us to pick up the pieces and help ourselves. Before loving someone else, love yourself first. You owe it yourself.


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