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7 Ways On How To Deal With A Bossy Girl.

Date: 2019-02-18 19:29:00

By Manveen

Let us be clear first, the bossy girl is not just a guy's issue. It is also a girl's issue, in fact, it is the entire nation's issue. What if you have given your flat on rent to a bossy girl? What if you teach a bossy girl? What if you go and wash utensils in a bossy girl's house?

"Dikkat Sabko Hai, Dikkat Sabki Hai."

So guys and gals to come out of these difficult times with a bossy girl, we have some suggestions for you:

1.) Honsla buland.


If you need to watch Chak De India or Lagaan for some motivation, then please go ahead and download it because dekho agar honsla kamzor padh gaya toh fateh nahi honi. You are fighting Pakistan who thinks that it is better than India so if by mistake Pakistan starts thinking India is scared of them or something, they will take Kashmir away. Aaj Kashmir maang rahe hai kal Kanyakumari maang lenge so inka kya hai.

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2.) Good survey.


See every case study involves a good amount of research and observation, you cannot simply conclude that something happens. Newton explained Gravity but he took all the apples on his head before that right?
So observe this bossy girl properly.
In Mean Girls, they observed Regina and became friends with her to take her down so similarly you got to find out "Iski Dukhti Nass Konsi Hai". Then my friend victory won't be far from you.

3.) Observe in silence.


You have to observe her, know her shortcomings but that does not mean you act like her stalker and she begins to believe in her own fake as fuck mightiness, "Bhaao Nahi Badhane Iske".
So whatever you do be very discreet about it.

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4.) Cringe at her.


Okay, let us break some ice first if you are one of those happy shiny people who want to serve soup at a church and save mankind then mate you are on the wrong web page because we are planning a full-scale Armageddon here.

Paap honge yahan, you can rest in heaven.

Coming back to our point, if you see this bossy girl passing the hallway or in the cafeteria or wherever you know just pretend like you said something about her to your friend or look at her and cringe at her hair or clothes but in such a subtle way that she thinks you did not see her notice that you cringed at her. This will fuck her head up, she is not used to of challenge but it is all game now.

5.) Ignore her.


If there is a group conversation happening, leave her out. If she is walking in front of you with a friend and you happen to know that friend, make it a point to greet that friend and leave her out of the greetings again. Again, this will f**k her head up and conjure a "Kaun Hai Yeh Jisne Poo Ko Mudh Ke Nahi Dekha" image and she will start thinking about you. Probably hating on you.

6.) Talk to her face.


If you have to talk to her then look at her face dead pan, "Aankho Mein Aankhein Daalke" and with a shudh stud attitude that she senses confrontation and threat. This will raise alarms in the head that probably she needs to keep herself in control around you.


7.) Be a bitch to her.


If she can be bossy then so can you. If you want to save everybody on Earth just remember Captain America sucks and Thanos had a good point and all these Americans look cool only at the cost of disturbing the Middle East.
Now that we have established that you cannot save everybody, so you save yourself first. You be nice to everybody else but her making her realize that her behavior is unacceptable and she should work on it.

To conclude, all we have to say is that this bossy person you are dealing with has no respect for you or your opinions and should learn some manners and no to stand up to a bully is not wrong but some excuses made by cowards who are lazy to fight back.


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