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How To Deal With Boss-Ka-Chamcha Aka Office Kiss-Ass.

Date: 2019-08-14 17:28:50

By Manveen

Sir, you are looking so handsome today.
Ma'am, you are looking amazing in this dress.

Name one place in life where you did not meet a kiss-ass? Because we cannot even think of one. From School to College, from class monitor to student council, these kiss asses find their way up somehow. Since the ladder to social climbing never comes to an end, neither does these kiss asses' motivation to please their bosses further.



Literally, the most annoying thing is to see these people get away with their sluggish behavior and average work just because they keep on finding excuses to talk to the boss, compliment on her new saree, or tell him how his new haircut suits him, whereas a monkey would look better.


We can despise these people all we like, but we cannot change one thing, which is that these people have A1 socializing skills or Chamchagiri skills. They are always in a mood to talk to everybody, always enthusiastic about pleasing everyone else around. How can you be so energetic all the time or how much skills you got to be the spoon (chamcha in hindi or imniscient in english) of your boss? Don't you get tired? What are you high on? Cocaine? Caffeine? Life? What makes you so happy that you are never hit with a Tsunami of mood swings where you go and be your honest brooding self that gives a fuck about nobody?


Almost as if mood swings is an epidemic, how you peasants get the power to please them anytime and anywhere? Just how?


The saddest part is that the boss has also been willing to turn a blind eye towards the fact that if a person had true potential and was capable of achieving anything on his own merit then he or she would never have to retort to licking people away. They would rather spend time working and building themselves and being somebody of substance than just wanting a dream they can never build. Remember what Amir Khan said in 3 Idiots about how you should strive to be efficient than be successful? The same funda applies here also.


When you want something you learn every aspect of it and ensure that you know 100 percent about it because if you do not know about it fully then you cannot give your best and failing becomes a big probability. As difficult as it could be, you would still continue because you fell in love with the whole thing and not just a dreamy namesake designation, unlike these kiss asses.


The best way to deal with people like these is to simply ignore them and focus more on yourself. Every minute they spend on pleasing others, but you use it to your advantage and build yourself so much so that your work and success speaks for itself than a forced letter of recommendation. Whatever they are wasting, you utilize it. In the end, honest efforts will never go unnoticed. So trust yourself and move ahead and above all this, these people will be average but not you.


Do you know any Chamcha of your boss?

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