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How To Handle A Wife? Interesting Question, Right Guys?

Date: 2019-07-25 10:58:33

By Mansha

Friend1: Bro, How to handle a wife?
Friend2: Bro, How to handle a wife?

This one and the most hyped mysterious question which every husband is searching for the answer!


In every husband get together, there will always be going to be one question which is circulated from one friend to Nth friend and interestingly, that question is, "how to handle a wife". Because arguing with your wife is as dangerous as going on a tiger cave and even tiger keep his mouth shut in front of his tigress. Yes, you are no different from them.

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So, to rescue you from such situations, we have come with the great ways, by which, you can dodge such type of situations... with ease.

Always agree with her:

Whatever she says, agree with her and say, "yes, boss" because like it or not, she is the boss of your home and you will be a total fool if you don't follow this mantra for a loving marriage.


Listen to her, whenever she opens her mouth to speak:

Make every occasion, every second about her. Take her command seriously and fulfill it like a commander. If she says, make her custard at 2 am then move your ass and do it.


Say sorry FIRST:

After every fight just apologize because your wife can never be wrong and to handle her in her anger (which is hell dangerous) just say sorry without putting your side of the story.


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Never reply with "hmm" or "okay":

Because this annoys them crazily and can move their anger temperature from zero to hundred. Show your interest by giving her answers in sentences because that makes them feel valued.


Never say "no":

Give them what they ask for because that will keep them satisfied and will let you live in peace. Learn to say, "yes" because you don't have any option darling husbands.


Keep giving them compliments:

If the way of man's heart goes through the stomach then the way of women's heart goes through the compliments. They are desperate to listen "khud ki tariff", so, keep showering them with it to keep them under control.



Learn to cook:

Surprise her with breakfast in bed or just a simple dinner and you will see her in the best mood possible. Also, it would help you to get any permission if you need to get one (problem handled well wink-wink).


Never fight back:

While arguing, never answer back. Just listen and nod like a good puppy because that's what husband should do as they get the leash after the wedding, which is taken care of by the wife.


Tell her to shop:

When she is in a bad mood, handle her a few bundles of cash and say, "shop darling" and we promise you, she would be a hell of a calm and composed wife.


Accept your mistakes:

When they scold you for keeping a wet towel on the bed or not keeping a toilet seat down, accept it and make them right by keeping things back at their places. Never counter-attack, please, never or you will be responsible for all her actions.


Follow above-mentioned ways and we promise you, you will have the peaceful married life without any wife's drama. It sounds difficult but trust us they are effective.



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