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12 Signs He Likes You As A Friend & Not The Lovey-Dovey Way

Date: 2019-07-15 13:13:13

By Mansha

When you have feelings for someone, you give your best efforts to let them know that you want to be more than friends but their actions leave you confused about the fact that what they really want? Does everyone go to this phase where you have no idea where this interaction is going? Either it is just a friendship or more than that? Is he feeling the same feelings or he is just being a gentleman? Today I have come with such facts that will tell you if he is really into you or he just wants you to be his friend...

You never spend alone time:

He always makes sure that you both meet either on public places or with one or two friends.


He talks about other girls:

He won't be feeling any type of awkwardness or uneasiness discussing his other crushes or girls. This is the sign that he is just looking at you as a good friend because we all share our crushes with only our closed friends.


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He is not jealous when you talk about other guys:

Rather than being jealous he will play along with you and give you some advice on how to attract them towards you.


Visit to his house is NO-NO:

He would never invite you to his place alone, either he will plan with the whole group or he will never invite you there.


He sometimes ignores you when you want to have a conversation:

He never shows his interest to have a long phone call conversation. He likes to have a meaningful and short conversation in a fun way.


He calls you "cute" in spite of sexy or hot:

He never compliments you in a flirty way, he always calls you cute or just "you are looking good" as we all do with our friends.


Most of the times you text each other:

It is never like you are calling each other for petty things, your relationship is texts based and he has no interest in calling you for everything. He will either wait to see you next time or would text you to tell or ask something.


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He maintains boundaries:

When you are into someone, you try to come close to that person like hugging him while saying hi and bye, Leaning towards him or holding his arm while walking. But when he is not into you in that sense he will set his boundaries, he won't give you these signals and he will pull himself away.


It's you who always make the first move:

You always try to flirt and give him necessary compliments but in return, he never shows you those same efforts. This is when you should realize that there is nothing from his side.


He is not possessive about you:

When someone like or love you, they become possessive about your every move and when they don't- they don't care about your relationship status or anything. If you feel that he is not possessive about you then this is the right time to pull yourself away.



You share everything:

Friends do share everything with each other like whom they met today? Where are they going and stuff but when you are in a relationship you think before speaking so that you don't hurt his or her feelings. If he counts you as a friend he will share everything with you without any censor.


He is always spontaneous:

He never plans to meet you beforehand it would be always sudden. No extra efforts or special plans, he would just text or call you to be there with other group members. This is the sign that he loves you but as a friend.


It hurts when you can't have that one person who has already built a home inside of your heart but it's life and you can't help it. Pull yourself away at the right time before you get attached to that person deeply.

Rise high!!


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