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11 Signs Your Relationship Is Just 'Tag Based' And It Has No Future.

Date: 2019-07-03 11:07:15

By Mansha

Relationship means a bonding between two people who are fond of each other. With whom every individual can be themselves and with whom they see a future together. But sadly, every relationship is not that lucky, some relationships are only "tagged" as "we are in a relationship" but they have no connection like real couples have.

Tag-based relationships have a short life, people date each other for a few months, share some intimacy without any real connection and then "boom" everything falls apart easily.

Signs that your relationship is "tag based" and it has no future...

There is no friendship:

Every successful relationship starts from the friendship and in your case; there is no wind of friendship. There are no memories to cherish or any new memories to make. You just meet, eat, share some romantic talks and then back to living. You see a relationship doesn't work like this.


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Lack of freedom:

You think twice before speaking anything in front of your partner. Also, there is no freedom to think or to choose anything of your choice. In short, you can't be real you.


The absence of faith:

You and your partner have no faith in each other, you can't believe each other's advice or suggestions and nagging is what happens most of the times.


Only physical attraction:

You don't feel any emotional attachment towards your partner; there is only physical attention and nothing else.


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You don't care about their whereabouts:

Relationship means when you have full knowledge about each other's whereabouts and what they are up to every day, but in your relationship, you or your partner doesn't feel like his or her right to know about the whereabouts and about things happening in your life.


Sharing is not your priority:

The relationship is when both the parties share their thoughts, worries, success and every single moment of their lives but in your relationship, you never share your inner thoughts. Both of you maintain most of the things "censored".


Lack of patience:

Neither of you or your partner has the patience to solve a dispute. Blame games are always on point and then you decide to give up so easily.



There is no love:

Love has a broad definition and a feeling that can never be expressed fully. Love is not only about lust, love is more about trust, honesty, strength, weakness, joy and much more, but in your relationship: there are no such traits. There is only a relationship of holding hands or holding each other, but not holding each other's heart for lives.


You don't miss each other on special occasions:

You do miss each other, but only at the times of when you want to hold that person, but not when something really meaningful and special happening in your life. You don't miss him or her that much in the context of emotional attachment.


You never talk about the future:

You believe in living in the present when you are with your partner. You never have a word about money, savings or future. This is because you don't see a future with them.


You only talk about sex:

As I said before, there is only lust in your relationship so you only talk about fulfilling each other's physical desires apart from mental desires and wishes.



If you too are having a "tag based" relationship, then it is the time to come out of it because, in the long run, it will only give you tears and heartbreak.

Make yourself strong and say NO MORE.

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