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How To Look Busy In The Office?

Date: 2020-03-13 17:03:08

By TabloidXO

The tips on how to look busy in office are given below. The tips are tried and tested ones by me, yet, I do not guarantee it fully because your boss might be as clever as a fox.


Our tips are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme information and other related documents before making your decision. Past performance is not indicative of future decisions. Please consider your specific decision before choosing our advice. (READ IT LIKE A DISCLAIMER OF MUTUAL FUND AD.)

1. Paste sticky notes on your desk or wall.

Sticky notes? Yes, stick those colourful notes on your desk where your colleague could see what you have written on it. Now, write down your today's schedule in BOLD with every minute of your work.

how to look busy in office

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2. Haye mein to thak gayi/gaya.

Make this your tendency every hour. Your colleague and especially your boss should hear this out because firstly, it is going to give them an impression that you are already occupied so they won't pass on more work and secondly, your boss will think you are so hardworking candidate who deserves an increment.

how to look busy in office

3. Keyboard with a noise.

Buy a keyboard which makes a lot of noise. Let others also know how hardworking you are.


4. Eating food at your desk.

If your colleagues ask you to have lunch together, say NO in 0.1 seconds. Eating food at your desk increases the chances of you being too occupied with your work. Who knows you are busy in faking them. :-P

how to look busy in office

5. Type fast.

Like I said it in the 3rd point. Your keyboard should be noisy and your fingers should be running at the speed of electricity. Always keep this in mind, more the thak thak, more will be your importance.


6. Always remember, self-promotion is the best promotion.

Keep your dialogue ready every day about how busy you are with the work. "Bhai/behen bhoot kaam hai yaar aj to" and bla bla. Always consider using new dialogues every day because sometimes old dialogues might annoy your colleague.


7. Be on call. (If your work demands calling).

If you want to look super busy, talk on the phone. It doesn't matter whether you are talking to a customer care representative or your friend. Calling is a style statement that makes a person look too busy. And ya, no matter what, your facial expressions should all the time look serious while talking on call.


8. Stare at your computer screen.

Have one hand on your keyboard, the other on the mouse and your eyes on the monitor screen; it's the best position to look damn busy.


Do you got more tips to help people who are dealing 9 to 5 job?

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