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How To Look Classy: This Is How To You Can Make Your Style Game Look More Expensive.

Date: 2019-08-16 16:08:04

By Manveen

If you think wanting to look fancy is shallow then probably it is and as are you for clicking on this article and if all of us are mutually acknowledging that we want to look fancy despite any judgment then take a seat, we are discussing this further. So, if you look want to look expensive then basically you have to look well-groomed and while spending money is the first option but If you want to do it on a budget, then Google the best street shopping markets around you and make a list and make notes, now!

how to be classy

Here are 8 ways by which you can make your styling make you look classy and rich:

1.) Add heavy accessories.

Okay, not as heavy as Kamolika's fashion style, but you know an artificial chic bracelet or sassy danglers can even go with a plain boring outfit. Even if it is not heavy accessories then just add some silver or gold touch in your outfit with an anklet or a ring, it levels the game up quickly.



2.) Hair is life:

You cannot look rich if you cannot control your hair. Messy hair takes away your richness. Either add more protein on your scalp so that your hair looks strong and nourished or else tie your hair (to be safe). You can watch some hair braiding tutorials on YouTube and keep them tidy.


3.) Use Palette:

An opulent colour palette speaks a lot. As earthy and organic it is, the more you look stunning. The grounded colors such as navy blue, hot pink, silver, gold, fuchsia add a touch of royalty and if you are worried about looking too desperate then pair them with an appropriate denim tone, denim has a way of making everything subtle.


4.) Look clean and not shabby:

Shirts hanging out or tops hanging out is kind of look shabby. It is a sign of thoughtless that you don't really care enough about your clothes whereas tucking them in and wearing a belt gives a neat and groomed look.


5.) Wear perfume:

Wear perfume as often as you can (not too much). See, personality is a complete package and it is not just about clothes. You should just not visually look nice but have an aroma added to your personality as well.


6.) Carry handbags:

If you genuinely want to commit to look rich, then ditch schoolbags/ shoulder bags and start carrying handbags. God forbid those HP laptop bags that people carry around, as nice as your outfit will be if you carry it with a shoulder bag you will not feel the part and whence also not look the part.


7.) No to tight clothes or loose clothes:

Do not settle for tight clothes or loose clothes. Take them to a tailor and wear your own fit, shabby looks bad as does too tight. In fact very tight clothes make you look like you are trying too hard and make you look cheap.


8.) Classy footwear:

Floater sandals are the most hideous footwear that was ever invented. They are for children to play around in and not for adults to wear it to college or office. Try some classy yet comfortable Kitten heels, Ankle booties.


Girls, you deserve to look sexy every second of your life.

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