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World's Easiest Recipe To Make Hand Sanitizer At Home.

Date: 2020-03-19 12:10:49

By Ratika


As we all are aware that hand Sanitizers in the markets are not easily available due to ongoing Coronavirus/ COVID-19. The confirmed Coronavirus cases are increasing very steeply, masks and Sanitizers are directly proportional to the cases, which mean they are flying off the shelves quickly. A person who goes to the office, travels from a mode of public transport or uses office washroom may feel the urgent need of the hand Sanitizers. But what if the markets or online shopping websites are short of the Sanitizers?

You are pretty much likely to find a hard time!

However, did you thought to do it by yourself at your home? And that too in a few minutes. Well, yes that's possible. All it takes is your few minutes and a few ingredients which are easily available at your nearest possible supermarkets.

how to make sanitizer

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So let's protect the earth, the people around you and most importantly, you yourself.

What are the ingredients to make hand sanitizer?

1. 80 ml Emollient/Aloe vera gel/Glycerine.
2. 165 ml Isopropyl/rubbing alcohol (99.8 percent alcohol volume).
3. (OPTIONAL, for fragrance purpose) Essential oil, like tea tree oil, lavender oil or you can use lemon juice instead.

how to make sanitizer

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What else you will be required to make?

  • A clean washed bowl to mix the ingredients.
  • And clean your hands thoroughly before you start making your own sanitizer.

Let's get started:

1. Wash your hands properly with soap which kills the bacterias in your hand.

2. Clean the bowl, spoon and other utensils that are needed in the process.

3. Let the utensils dry.

4. The alcohol should not be diluted. 5. Mix the Isopropyl alcohol and Aloe Vera gel (or Emollient or Glycerine) in the bowl. If you wish for higher alcohol content, then you can put 3/4th Alcohol content and 1/4th Emollient into the bowl.

6. Mix it well.


NOTE: Your sanitizer should contain at least 2/3rd 99 percent alcohol and 1/3rd emollient.

7. Add a few drops of essential oil or lemon juice drops.

8. The last step, mix them very well, make sure they are blended properly.

9. You are ready to use it. Serve it to your parents, kids, and anyone who comes to your house. Or even help your friends by sharing this quick tip so that they should not worry about the shortcoming of ready-made hand Sanitizers in the market.

how to make sanitizer


Homemade hand Sanitizer recipe is even more powerful and effective than the market Sanitizers because it doesn't dry out your skin.


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