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8 Ways To Make Up With Your Boyfriend If He Is Angry With You

Date: 2019-02-25 12:30:15

By Mansha

The relationship is a journey, not the destination, a journey of making up and loving it at the all times of ups and downs. Every couple goes through the fights related to many feeble topics and in many verbal brawls; unintentionally girlfriend's hurts the sentiments of her partner. And we all know the fact that when guys get angry on their girlfriends, they love to get all sorts of attention to make them normal back again, girls have to go through many efforts to make sure that their boyfriends come back to their happy phase.

We know girls; sometimes you feel stuck and confused that how to make up with them. So this time, we have come with the ways to make up with your boyfriend's after fights...

Send him flowers:

Flowers brings stability and colors to lives, they spread happiness and positivity. Send him good morning or good night flowers with a romantic note saying how sorry you are and how you want him at the present situation. Flowers can never get ignored.


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Sing a song to him:

Songs are the best way to communicate those things, which you can't say it in words. Sing him a nice song that would go perfectly with your situation or his favorite song would do unexpectedly.


Handmade gifts:

Guys love the efforts made by their ladies so make him something from your own hands and send that to their home. It can be anything like a sorry card, assorted photos of yours or a scrapbook of pictures and messages dedicated to him.


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Plan a surprise:

Plan a nice outing with him and if he is being too recalcitrant to meet you then take the help of his friends, tell them to bring him to a certain spot and then surprise him there with a decorative candlelight dinner and have a talk there. Hold his hands and let him know that you love him. Girls, guys get weak on their knees when you share your feelings with them.


Give him a giant and tight hug:

Guys love it when you hug them because they like the feeling of you being too close to them. A simple hug would melt him like an ice-cream but make sure that hug is warm and don't pull yourself away till he wants you to.


Take him to watch his favorite sport:

We all know that guys have a different kind of love towards their sports. Take him to the live sport if it is happening somewhere in the city. He will get clean bold girls.



Kissing is the best way to shut him up:

When you think that fight is getting overboard then just pull him closer for a kiss. There and then he will forget all about the argument.


Just say "sorry":

Girls don't say a sorry word that much and guys crave to listen to this magic word from us. So just say a simple word "sorry" with some tears and he will take you into his embrace.


It is healthy to have arguments because it strengths the bond between the couple but also it is very important to solve the problem in the minimal time as stretching it for too long can affect the relationship. Girls, apologize when you are wrong and show some efforts to win him back.


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