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Boyfriend, Here Is How To Pamper Your Girlfriend On Her Periods.

Date: 2019-01-29 17:12:07

By Mansha

"Women complain about premenstrual syndrome, but I think of it as the only time of the month that I can be myself".

For boyfriends, periods are like giving those confused signal about "if they have done something or is she on her periods" because this is the time when ladies act a bit differently which is not on their hands either. It is all because of hormones and pains that we go through, we became grouchy and wrathful which become difficult for our lovable boyfriends to handle.

Boyfriends, I have come with the ways you can pamper your girlfriends to make them feel loved and better...

Let her eat whatever she wants to eat:

At this time, women crave for various kinds of food because of all the pain and sometimes pains get minimized because of the food. So let her have what she wants to have without being too judgmental and bring her good food. Trust me, she will feel much better after having some delicious feast.


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Back massage:

Ask me, at this time back became stiff and it pains as if someone has thrown a rock on her back. Give her the good back massage and within a few minutes, she would be better than before.


Give her a hot water bottle:

Stomach gives her the worst pelvic pains and nothing works except warm water. Bring her a hot water bottle and help her to make her stomach warm.


Have some ice cream with her:

Many guys ask that how ice cream helps to make you feel better but it does. We don't know the reason ourselves but ice cream makes us feel energetic and relaxed. So boyfriends, bring a favorite flavor for her.


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Watch her favorite movie or TV show with her:

Let her rest and feel relaxed on her bed with her favorite movie or whatever shows which she likes. That will help her to divert her mind from all the pains and discomfort.


Don't force her for anything:

Let her be herself, don't force her for anything that she doesn't want to do it. Agree with her whatever she says even though you know "it's not going to work out". She is just uncomfortable and feeling lonely.


Cuddle with her:

Cuddle is the best option to minimize her pains and discomfort. Cuddle with her and let her know that she have you.



Be focused on what she is saying:

Listen to her attentively and don't ignore her because at this time she is already feeling very low and sick and you don't want to hurt her more with your actions. So listen to her attentively and be focused. Boy, she just needs your attention and love.


Text her lovable things:

When you are far away from her text her all the sweet and romantic words. Trust me, she will automatically feel better because love is the best medicine.


Send her surprises:

Send her, her favorite book to read or just her favorite cake. Mark my words boys; she will love you extra for this.


Make her feel wanted:

Make her believe that you understand what she is going through and you are not feeling gross about it because most of the women feel self-conscious at this time. Be with her and get her what she wants.



Please don't take things personally:

Women say things, which might hurt you but try to understand, she is not meant to hurt you. Don't keep any grudges and just be with her, hold her when she wants you to.


All the best to all the boyfriend's there, make your girl feel loved and wanted...

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