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8 Aww-dorable Ideas On How To Propose A Girl

Date: 2019-02-10 19:09:56

By Ritika


The story of how you propose your significant other is going to be a story that is going to be told to everyone in your life from your children to your friends to your neighbors. So you got to make sure that it better be good!

Proposing someone is no child's play, firstly you need courage, secondly, you need to ensure that they also have the same feelings for you and after all that, you have to have a perfect way so that they say yes immediately! This one is for our guys, hoping to help them out.


Pick out a place that is her favorite, or something that means something to both of you- may be a rooftop restaurant, a hilltop, a beach or maybe just a park. Make sure that she doesn't get to know any of it. Prepare the whole scenario and drop the question at the peak of the moment. Don't forget to get it captured!


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Send your partner on a treasure hunt. A tiny game can go a long way. Set up clues starting from the easiest place to the most difficult one and put tiny rewards in between, like chocolates. When she reaches the end, there will be the best moment of her life waiting for her.



If your pocket is full, hire a skywriter to pop the question up.



Take her on a road trip, even if it's just around the city. After spending a good amount of day together; when you're just about to drop her, open up your feelings to her and tell her how you feel. She'll be flattered!


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Girls like it when guys take little efforts to make them happy. So, maybe you can make a card or cook dinner for her and while the two of you are away in your own space, you can talk to her; ask her how she really feels and if she'd like this for the rest of her life!



If you live near a beach, build a sandcastle for her and when she's looking away, put the question up on top!



Get ready with a banner! But before that you have to make sure whether she really wants to be with you or not otherwise there might come a cringy moment if she said no to you (for both of you). This idea is gutsy but you know, everything for her, right?




Play a random "will you marry me" audio along with your speech on her playlist. She will be flattered and fallen.


Even Valentine's is also coming, and it is never a bad time to express your love to the one you love. Wooing someone in one go might seem like a difficult affair but everything is easy when you've got us and your woman by your side!


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