14 Things You Can Do To Slow Down Your Aging Skin

Date: 2019-02-07 19:43:53

By Erica

Worried your skin might just get out of hand and make you look older than you actually are? Worry no more. I`ve a list of things you got to do to slow down skin ageing.

1. Get that beauty sleep.

Don't compromise on sleep. You need it, not only to be active and going, but because it matters to your skin too.


2. Wash, tone and moisturize.

Whenever you go out and about, wash your face after you get home. Get off all the dust from your face and don't forget to use some face wash. Extra care never did any arm.


3. Use good quality moisturizer.

Don't mind spending enough on expensive products because the best ones are never cheap.


4. Don't use soap.

Avoid using soap to wash your face. It will make your skin dry and leave it wrinkled sooner than expected.


5. Drink lots of water.

Doctors recommend to drink 8 glasses per day and drinking lots of water will make your skin glow minus all the makeup.


6. Milk.

Milk works wonders for the skin due to its hydrating properties. Make sure you down at least one glass of milk every single day


7. Don't ignore dark circles.

Get rid of dark circles and puffy eyes from all the unnecessary wandering and staying up late that you do.


8. A healthy diet.

No, it is not applicable only for a healthy body. A healthy diet keeps you fit and this ensures you take in required nutrients and stay away from oil, fried junk food.


9. Green tea.

One reason: it is named the IT drink to prevent anti-ageing.


10. Avoid staring down.

Wrinkles are basically creases on the face. You can avoid these by making sure you look directly at the screen you are operating and always maintain an erect body posture.


11. Exercise your way to better looking skin.

Research has proven that a 30 minutes of exercise every day can work wonders when it comes to ageing.


12. Go outside.

Walk, jog, play little games. Soak in the morning sun.This will brighten your day and mood and at the same time intake of fresh oxygen is good for the body.


13. Manage your facial expressions.

Squinting and furrowing your eyebrows too much will cause creases in your skin which you are honestly trying to avoid. Pay a little more attention to yourself


14. Pop dark chocolate in your mouth.

Research says that eating dark chocolate can help slow the effects of anti-aging.


Women worry a lot about such things as wrinkles, dark circles and anti-aging of course. There are more than a hundred solutions and these are the top 14. You can always access the internet for solutions because it has a lot of tips to share. Plus, if these are too much for you, meditate. It works best for the body, mind and soul.

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