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How To Start A Hot Conversation With Your Partner Over Text.

Date: 2019-06-15 18:27:00

By Mansha

People in distance relationship would totally get what hot conversation means and by this, we don't mean sexting because that's not what we meant. The hot conversation is when you can make your partner feel sexy and hot about himself or herself by saying certain things, which only you know as a partner.

Intimacy and romance are what people crave for in their relationships apart from mental compatibility and having good intimacy is a sign that you have a healthy relationship of love, care and more.

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Today, we have come with tips about how you can start having a hot conversation with your partner via texts...

Start by complimenting them on their looks:

Comment on their looks and let them know that they are the most beautiful or handsome person that you have ever come across. Yes, they would be flushed in a second.


Ask them about you:

Ask them what they like about you apart from your nature. Ask them about your physical attributes and tell them to fully open themselves without censor words.


Tell them how much you miss their touch:

Let them know, how much you are craving for holding them in your arms.

Ask them what they are missing about you:

Ask them what they miss about you the most when they are this far from you.


What would be the first thing they would do when you will meet them:

Ask them what would be the first thing they would like to do when you both would be together again under one roof.

Tell them your wishes:

Let them know what all thoughts are running in your mind about things, which you would like to do to them like kissing, hugging or more.


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What they are wearing

When things would be all out of the covers, start asking about what they are wearing?

Tell them to know you are imagining:

Let them know, you are imagining them in the clothes which you are referring to and compliment them about the same.


Share photos:

Tell them to share some of their photos because you miss having them by your side.

Make sexy comments on their photos:

So, you have the opportunity to make them feel sexy, give hot insights on their photos and tell them, they have got the best body god could have ever made it.


Last, let them fall for you all over again:

After all of this conversation, let them tell you how special they feel when you say all these sweet things to them and let your heart feel for them once again because love is all about, falling for the same person in thousands of ways.



Have a fantastic hot session with your partner and love the feeling of being in love...


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