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How To Guide Your Friend That A Guy She Is Dating Is Not Good For Her

Date: 2019-05-22 19:28:34

By Mansha

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Best friend's relationship is not only her relationship, but it also involves you as well in any situation like the first text that you helped her to write, their first date which was planned by you and every secret of their relationship, which you know as well because best friends don't hide anything.

But also, the gut feeling of best friends are so right sometimes about the guy whom her sister from another mother is dating and all she feels is, "he is not good for her" and saying this directly can not only harm their friendship but it can erase the friendship love, which they had from ages.

So, today we have come with the guide that how can you send your message to your best friend that her guy is not so good for her and she deserves better...

Show her proofs:

If you are doubtful about his loyalty then give a chance to your spy-eyes and follow him everywhere he goes. When you would get pictures of it, show them to her with sympathy and let her know, she deserves better.


Talk and make her realize:

Start a healthy conversation with her and indirectly, ask her about him. Make a remark on your confusion and slowly, keep your side of thoughts and try to make them justified by making a conversation.


Point out his mistakes:

Whenever you are hanging out with them, tell her to focus on things, which you would be pointing out. In this way, she would see those things by her own eyes. Be her eyes...


Ask about her problems:

Whenever she seems off and lost, ask her if he has done anything, which you were always worried about. If yes, then help her to come out of an unhappy relationship and be her support system.


Mention his arrogant self:

If he is acting all lovey-dovey with your friend, that doesn't mean he is with everyone else. So, mention his rude behavior with others and tell her, he is not so real in front of you and you are scared about the fact that he will show his real side to her as well and you don't want her to get hurt afterwards.


Being too flirty with other girls:

If he is being flirty with other girls then warn your best friend about it by showing her the trailer of it. Take her to the spot where he would be with his other friends and let her watch by her own eyes.


If he is too alcoholic:

Alcoholic boyfriends can never be loyal ones. Have a healthy and detailed discussion with her with all the pros and cons of having an alcoholic boyfriend and try to take her out of it.


Last, take the help of a third person:

When a person is in love, she becomes blind to see anything around her and even she ignores the advice of their best friends, so, in this case, take the help of a third person who would show her the mirror and be with her like a rock at the time of her downfall.


As a sister to your best friend, it is your duty and right, to not let her get hurt in the future. Let her know, you have got her back and no matter what, you will protect her like a soldier from various wars.

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