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Crush On Someone? Here's Why You Should Tell Irrespective Of The Outcome.

Date: 2019-08-04 11:55:21

By Mansha

Developing feelings for someone is never has been in our hands because heart plays its own role when it comes to feeling attracted towards someone, but some people, believe in hiding those feelings in their hearts and minds, forever.

The fear of losing them as friends struck them or just, they don't feel worth it to tell as they automatically imagine their rejection, but why to live with those heavy feeling when you can get rid of it.

crush on him

When you like someone, speak up because what if, they are waiting for your words too, and if not, be proud of yourself for sharing what you feel because it is not easy.

Reasons, you should share your feelings with your crush…

You will get to know about their feelings too:

It kills you from within when you feel something for a person, but you are not sure about their feelings. Share it for your peace of mind so that, you can either get closure or an opening.


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You can move on:

When there is an open-ended chance, you can never move on with your dating life, so, tell them so that your dating life can get less affected.


You will feel less burdened:

When we keep our darkest secrets to us, our minds always remain restless and body tired. After sharing it with someone, it feels light and less burdened.


You will become bold and confident:

Because being in the most awkward situations, it teaches you to be confident about sharing your inner thoughts and make you bold when it comes to face the outcomes.


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What if, they were waiting for the same:

Sometimes, the fear of rejection holds you back and in that fear, you lose a person who was in love too. So, tell that person before it gets too late because instincts can never be wrong.


If it feels right:

If your heart is sure about that one person then it is worth taking risks because of no gain without risk. Listen to your heart and without worrying about the end result, let that person know, what they mean to you.



It will make you strong from within:

If the answer would not be, what you had expected then it would make you stronger for the future because handling rejection is not everyone's cup of tea.


That person should know:

Because who doesn't like to listen, they are liked by someone because every other person loves it when they see a person crushing over them as it makes them feel special and wanted.


If you are crushing on someone, then go ahead and share your feelings with him or her. Let them know, you want them to be a special part of your life and if it works out, then it was worth taking a risk and if not, it is not the end of the world as God has made someone for everyone. Just don't lose hope.


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