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10 Simple Ways You Can Change The World And Make It A Better Place To Be

Date: 2019-02-27 19:00:19

By TabloidXO Writers

We know that our world is struggling between a lot of things, humans are not taking care of humans, humans are not taking care of the nature that provides us with everything that we are, humans are growing selfish and it just sounds all bad, but is it? The world is in between a struggle to be better, from the #MeToo to powerful people being questioned for their wrongdoings, this world is changing for better, here are some reminders for you to continue being that.

1) Be the change you want to witness.

Stop expecting the world will start changing and you being a nice person will join the bandwagon, start it, not expecting the world to join you but because it brings you peace and you are doing your part, maybe that part is insignificant in this whole wide world but they're significant to that one person that changes their life..


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2) Hey, could we stop trying to be God's?

Well seriously people what is this good complex we have? You are humans, doing excessive good without caring for your own emotional well being will leave you drained to the point that you can't help but be cruel so learn to be okay with being tired, withdrawing a line, knowing when to rest and take time for yourself.


3) A little forgiveness goes a long way, we didn't come into this world with an instruction manual.

Well yes, a lot of people do a lot of mistakes, well haven' t we? Well if you say you haven't then either you have to start a religion or you're maybe neglecting a lot of things. The truth we all have secrets, some come out some don't but the point is if someone is willing to change then after your heart cools down you don't have to stay angry because it's against your ego to not be so, learn to forgive, learn to be in other's shoe and see that sometimes people act irrationally and that's human, if they're apologetic then forgive give them a chance.


4) Hey, agree with this article! Well, it would be okay if you don't. Let's start accepting.

The major problem with this world today is not the different ideologies that exist, they always will, the problem is one idea trying to be forced onto other's like the best idea, there is no better or worse, ways of life are personal so if you have a particular way of looking at things and how they should be done, then be my guest and follow them for yourself, don't try to project it on to others as the only way to life and being.


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5) Let's actually change the world and not take revenge.

Could we stop the role reversal and calling it 'a changed world' because it's not, it's just a group of people getting back at the people who once were the oppressors, if they treated you with cruelty then treat them with kindness, it's difficult to do so, really difficult but if you want to actually change the world you got to do things differently.


6) Be kind, it's a universally good feeling.

Just open your eyes and look at the misery around you, it's time, time to be a little kind to the world, understand it's pain, the pain this ill-structured society has resulted in. Be kind to those suffering because of its aftermath, trust me it's not an exclusively good feeling, it's universal.


7) You're privileged to bring up those who are not.

Hey lucky one, you have the privilege to open up this article on the internet and read it, congratulations, but there are people out there without a square meal a day, your privileges are not to kick those who are not as well endowed further down but to pick them up and bring them to walk with you.



8) Let's accept our mistakes, to err is to human.

The first step to change is to accept that you have done some mistakes in life, few bigger than others maybe but the only way you'll ever grow is when you accept your mistake and feel the fair share of guilt that helps you change into a better person.


9) Let's give it another chance, stop assumptions based on fears.

Fears are not as bad as we think them to be, they're basically our minds way of protecting ourselves from situations that have previously caused us harm but to change things in this world you can't give up on it because you failed a 100 times, you have to strike that fear down and hope things change the 101st time


10) Take the conscious efforts to be good, it's not easy for anyone.

Basic as it sounds, this is what most people don't recognize, being good isn't a natural instinct always, sometimes the natural instincts are bad because we have both light and darkness inside us, it's in that moment that you take the extra effort to continue being good that you'll actually be good.



As Utopian as it sounds, you got to believe in a better world, that's the only way it one day will be. The idea of a better world is utopian to many and they might dismiss it on the grounds of practicality but the point of it all is that hope looks exactly like that, sometimes you don't see the light at the end of the tunnel but hope is in believing that there must be a light and continue walking. So believe in it no matter how irrational it sounds because we know it in our spirit that this can be a better world.

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