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Funny Reaction Of My Husband When I Told Him That 'I Am Pregnant'

Date: 2018-10-11 16:48:10

By Mansha

These men get way scared when it comes to getting married and even scarier when it comes to planning a family. We have been married for two years now and we all know once our first anniversary gets passed, family's starts pressurizing us for the baby. Times when they discuss this topic with us, he either try to change the topic or run away from there by making terrible excuses like office people are calling will be back in a minute (never return in a minute). So this year on his birthday I decided to play a small prank on him, I planned to go make a false pregnancy test report and say "I am pregnant", this is the proof. Least I knew was he would act this funny.



The day of his birthday, I woke him up with a cake and a surprise gift for him. He opened it, said thank you and kissed and hugged me and later he went to his office. After he was gone, I took out the print out of pregnancy test reports from the Internet and went to the printer to change the name of the patient and write my name instead. Even printer guy was looking at me as if I am some kind of a psycho, after taking the reports I went straight to the bakery and bought two sets of muffins, one set was in blue color and the second set was in pink color.


I got back home waited for him to come into our room and decorated our room with the photos of babies. As I expected, he straightaway came into the room, smiled at me and after two minutes of welcoming him back, I told him to look around. (Now wait for it) he looked around saw the photos and muffins which were placed on our bed, he was numb. I told him to say something but all he did was shake his head and tried to say something but he couldn't utter a word.


I was trying my best to control my laughter and along with his numbness I handed over a fake report to him, he opened it read it and said "abh mereko chakar aa rahe hai", he asked me ten times if I am serious and every time I said yes. He got up trying to fade away his numbness from his scared face and said: "I am happy for us". Quickly after realizing that this is getting serious, I told him that it's all a prank and report is fake I just wanted to see your reaction. He stared at me for a moment and said "I will kill you" & ate one pink color muffin while saying "Btw I would like a baby girl". I looked at him in horror and said now you are joking.


To my shock, he said, "for a minute I got excited and started thinking about our daughter, I don't mind a baby now". I looked at him with my mouth open; he came close and said, "Caught you". That day we laughed our heart on our reactions and said maybe we can plan.

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