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These 10 Points Will Show You, How Because Of Some People India Is The Society Of Hypocrites

Date: 2019-02-24 12:44:07

By TabloidXO Writers

'Log Kya Kahenge' Versus 'Mein Toh Modern Hu'.

Our country is walking paradox. We idolize our opinions but often don't do any action to support our words. The 'modernity' which we proudly claim has only come in words and not really in actions. Mentioned below are ten common exhibits of hypocrites in India:

1. "You know, I went to Singapore and it so clean there! The roads are clean and it is illegal to chew gum as it will lead to untidiness if not properly disposed of. I wish India was like that too".

-says the person while throwing their wrapper out of the window.


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2. "I just wish our daughter gets someone who is open-minded and gives her freedom. You know, she was the topper of her class even in graduation, it is totally impractical of her to leave her job of marriage".

Meanwhile at potential bahu's place, "Beti, you do know how to cook, right?".


3. "Honestly, India has taken too long to amend Article 377. They ought to legalize gay marriage too."

Meanwhile when someone comes out, "You are not attracted to me, na? I mean, I have no problem but mere saamne kuch mat karna".

4. "I am a feminist. Women have been supressed for so long and it is the time the break these patriarchal shackles and liberate themselves".

Meanwhile in a random ride in the metro, "Ew, did you see what she was wearing? Who wears neon green shorts anyway?"


5. "Corruption is going to take us all down. The only major crippling problem we face is corruption. I hate this country's system."

Meanwhile after getting caught for no seatbelt, "Acha, 200 rakho aur chalan ko jaane do."


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6. "Beta, you are just a kid right now. Don't take sweets from strangers. Don't talk to strangers at all, ok?"

Meanwhile 20 years later, "Ok, so dress well this family is coming to see you and you need to make a good impression, ok?"


7. "India is such a diverse country. Our culture is so unique; we have so many festivals and celebrate all of them. We are one nation and we stand in solidarity."

Meanwhile in class, "Oh, Sikkim is in India?"

8. "Beti, it's not that we don't trust you. It's just that, the society is so bad. Don't wear anything too revealing and don't stay out late. Don't look into the eyes of a man who is gaping at you, just ignore him. Don't go anywhere alone, it is very unsafe."

Meanwhile to boys, "______ (no guidance to them)".


9. "I believe that both the genders should be treated equally. We call ourselves a democratic country and need to strive for equality."

Meanwhile in talks, "But isn't he a man? How did he get into an abusive relationship?"


10. I don't believe in show off, I believe in simple living, high thinking.

And somewhere with time they are found saying to their friends "you know I got this bag from Gucci, it cost 50,000 rupees (ONLY)".


The conflicting actions and words are very much visible in our society. The least we can do is be aware of it if we want to change it.


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