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Yes I'm A Girl And I Don't Use Makeup, Yes, We Exist!

Date: 2018-11-27 11:36:03

By Ritika

I never really used a lot of makeup and when I did, it would only be for a dance or fancy-dress competition. First, I just used to secretly loathe it but now I completely ignore the existence of the whole practice of makeup.



My #1 reason for not using makeup would hands down be LAZINESS. I'd prefer to look like a homeless person than have a layer as thick as a person on my face. A person who can't even get up to get the TV remote, you don't really expect them to spend an hour sitting in front of a mirror playing with brushes and powders, do you?


Well for starters, my glasses and cups are always super clean because they don't get stained with red and pink and orange and god knows what colored lipsticks. My towels are always very clean, all they can have is my super short strands of hair. Panda eyes after washing my face? What are those?


That "special" category of girls who don't wear makeup are real. Yes. And for us, terms like concealer and highlighter are alien. All we know is highlighters are used to mark important points in books. I don't take ANY TIME AT ALL to get ready in the morning. OR even for a party. To run to my sister to put on some eyeliner on me for her own marriage is something I would totally do.


Brushes are used for painting, aren't they? I'm really not interested in using them for anything else, hehe. My dresser has SO MUCH MORE space than any other girl. I can keep real stuff over there likeā€¦ men's deodorants (they smell very good, okay). I save so much of money too, which I can spend on all kinds of foods and drinks. I can actually equate makeup in terms of plates of momos. Dayum.


So really saying, if you wear makeup- it's absolutely fine and totally a personal choice. Of course, I can't ever pull that look off that I scroll through on Instagram, a far-fetched dream. But if you don't, and belong in the same category as me, let's celebrate how we can be less lazy and manage to look bearable.


"When you wear makeup, you look... more like every other girl. When you don't wear makeup, you just look like yourself. And you're most beautiful when you're yourself."

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