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Dear Family, I Don't Want To Get Married So Soon.

Date: 2019-03-09 17:26:56

By Manveen

Dear family,

"I know you care about me, but I wish you would care enough about me to know me first because if you had any idea about the kind of personality I have, marriage would not be the source of my happiness. Least of all, a forced one."


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As an Indian and a girl, life is just one obstacle after another and marriage, in this case, is a big mountain that eventually most gives up fighting against. Urban cities are better, but not very far from the rural areas. In the rural scenario, you have no choice but to get married and the difference in urban cities is that for a while, you may do as you please but after a point, you have to get married.

Have you ever sat and thought why female infanticide exists? Why dowry exists?

Why nobody wants a girl child?


If you look at it, the answer is quite simple. Women are asked to go to somebody else's house after marriage and provide for the family they are sent to. They do not get to share responsibility of their birth parents or kin and whatever might the society preach, but humans are materialistic beings and in this situation, they look at girls as a vain investment because, in the end, it is their sons that are provided for which is why the parents are only willing to invest in their sons.


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But the times are changing now and women have taken the reigns in their hands or at least some of them, yet they face the challenge of providing for their own parents. Even if a girl has a good degree and a job and gets married, then whatever she earns has to go to her husband and his family. Whereas there is so much stigma associated with a girl to live with her parents after marriage. Probably one of the reasons the girls of this millennial era do not want to get married is because they want to be in charge.


Feminism might be flawed, but it has given women a clarity and now women not just want to reep the benefits but also share responsibility. They do not want to be a burden but instead share and lighten the burden, almost as if the women kind have given the whole prodigal son theory a spin.


Education is one reason that girls do not want to get married because they want to be first capable of making themselves eligible for asking and demanding their much deserving rights because, without it, nobody would even recognize them or their voice.


They no longer dream of a home and a dreamy husband and children, but instead a home that they will build that nobody can ever ask them to vacate in the heat of the moment between a fight or question her vitality. So unless we are sure about handling life situations easily for our future, do not talk to us about marriage.



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