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Just A Few Days Of Talking, I Knew He Would Be My Future Husband, It Happened!

Date: 2019-02-11 17:22:06

By Mansha

If you are meant to be together then even a few minutes are enough to realize and in my case, I took a few days when I felt something clicking with this guy. I felt complete, safe and warm around him and that's when the thought hit me, "he will be my soul, heart, and love in the future with whom I can't wait to spend rest of my life with".



Our love story started two months before I said yes to him to be his wife. We met at a restaurant and through our common friends, we interacted for the very first time at the dinner table. He talked about his business I listened to him as a great listener and then responded to him by speaking about my work and hobbies. There I got to know that we have so much in common like our hobbies, interests, and dreams. In no time we exchanged our numbers and there our main journey had begun.


We started going to play table tennis together, we started meeting at libraries because we both love reading fiction and also we started attending every concert that used to happen in our city. We had memories in all the streets because we love to explore new things, I started feeling like home with him and at the end of every day I wished that what if the day could go little longer than this, it was like as if I was living my best life. He started sharing his worries, happiness, sorrows, dreams and a desire with me as if I was something to him but there was no tag of "relationship". Yes, you heard it right, he never asked me out to be his girlfriend. We were best of friends, which turned out to be soul mates.


He made me feel important to him by letting me indulge myself in his private life completely, he held me safe while I was sad about things not going right with my work and he lifted me up by saying "you can do it". He gave me the strength to be better in life and he became a weakness to me in no time.


In those two months, I started feeling scared about the fact that one day this dream would end and I will lose him forever and then I decided to take this to the level where I wouldn't have to feel frightened about the idea of losing him. By gathering all the power from the universe I walked to him, asking "where this is going because I can't be just friends with you". And that very moment a miracle took place; he held me by my waist, gave me the best kiss of my life and said, "I love you".


Those three words changed my life and I got him as my better half. Soon we decided to be each other's companions for life and we took seven vows in front of our families and friends.


They say, "never rush things because it may hurt you in the future" but I will say I made the right decision by rushing out things and telling him that "I want to be with him in my old days and saying hey we have made it".

With love,
By someone who believes in miracles...

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