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I Told Her 'I LOVE YOU' In Front Of Our Families And It Was The Right Decision

Date: 2018-11-18 16:44:37

By Mansha

We met through our parents; my father and her mother are school friends. On a fine day, my father found her mother suddenly on Facebook and that's how they found each other after thirty-two years. They planned for several lunches and dinners together to know each other and their families and that's how we met. On our first meeting, she addressed me as "bhaiya" because that's how they assume things should be but lesser they know that I had something else in my mind when I saw her for the very first time. Her beauty was and still indescribable, brown eyes, long black hair ends on her waist and curvy body, these are what attracted me towards her.


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After a few days of meeting each other in the presence of our families, we started planning for dinners alone and somehow I convinced her to call me by my name (yes that was my first strategy). Even before I realized, I was in love with this girl and I decided to take a high road and risked myself by telling her how I feel about her. I planned for a perfect dinner with a bottle of wine and her favorite cuisine that is Chinese, I saw her entering in a red dress and then I thought maybe this is a sign. She gave me the warmest hug ever and we sat opposite to each other, after two glasses of wine I told her I like her and her reaction was hard to believe she said "I know, lets see where this take us", this left me confused but then many nights came and gone, we started calling our so-called "chilling scenes" a "date night". She started telling me openly that where would be our next date and there I knew that this would go somewhere and now whenever this will go somewhere I will propose her in front of our families without any censor and lies.


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A few months later, she asked me when we were on a date that "what you think where we have reached" I told her shyly and excitedly that "I see my future with her", she instantly got up, hugged me and said, "Are you proposing me?" I said, "no, not right now, I will propose you in front of our families straight". She was stunned and worried about how will our families react because till now they have no idea that we meet without telling them or either of us has feelings for each other, they were clueless about all of this.



I decided to tell my parents first that we are sort of dating and I want to marry her, my father was the happiest one and my mother was already in love with her that she said: "she is perfect for you". Next day my family and I went to her place and our parents talk and there for the very first time, I said to her that "I love you" in the presence of our parents and siblings. That was the best decision I ever took because I could have never met her if my father didn't know her mother, they were the real heroes behind of our love story and I wanted them to be the part of this.


After two years, we are married with a son. This is our happily ever after and it feels awesome to share this with the world.

By someone who is still in love and would always be...


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