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This Indian Cute Guy Proposes To His Sunshine Girlfriend In The India-Pak World Cup Match.

Date: 2019-06-22 14:44:32

By TabloidXO

At the India vs Pakistan World Cup match, there were two stories which were constructing.

One, we all know, where India beat Pakistan in the match.

And the second was fabricated by this cute couple!

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Where an Indian guy made it the most memorable day for his girlfriend by proposing to her in the stands.

During the time, where India was in a process of creating another history against Pakistan, there was this couple who were creating their own history. Anvita J, who was sitting at the stands and suddenly her partner took at the ring and proposed to her, even, people in the background cheered for this bubbly couple.

Anvita J herself posted the video on Twitter:

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And the people showered their love to the couple.


Congratulations to the loving couple.

Thanks for giving me a new idea to propose to my girlfriend. World Cup, we are coming!


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