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4 Indian Celebrities Who Attended The Metgala 2019

Date: 2019-05-07 15:06:26

By TabloidXO Writers

A very few of the Indian big names walked the Met Gala 2019 carpet. Now that you are too curious to know the names who joined the west celebrities for this mega event.

We are hundo p sure that you must be conscious about the two big names from the Bollywood industry who are going to shower their Jalwa. Now, without taking any time,

Let's get started!

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1. Priyanka Chopra with hubby Nick Jonas at Met Gala 2019.

We all know the Met Gala love for Priyanka Chopra or vice versa. She stunned the hearts of the billions at the Met Gala 2018, she looked goddess in her Ralph Lauren gown that time.

This year, she walked the Met carpet with hubby Nick Jonas and they set the carpets on fire.


2. Deepika Padukone at Met Gala 2019.

Yes, the queen too packed her dress and flew to Met Gala 2019. She looked totally Barbie in her cute pinky dress, with high ponytail making her hotness, super cute.

Ranveer, you were missed by her, we are sure. Anyways, Deepika Padukone you looked sixteen!


These were obvious names, right?

The last two names will give you a surprise and at the same time a happy feeling to see the two ladies at the Met, yes, the next two names are also women.

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3. Isha Ambani at Met Gala 2019.

Entrepreneur and daughter of India's richest man, Mukesh Ambani. It isn't the first time she is attending the Met Gala, she attended back in 2017, where she wore Dior gown.



4. Natasha Poonawalla at Met Gala 2019.

She is an Indian philanthropist, chairperson of the Villoo Poonawalla Foundation, and Executive Director of Serum Institute of India, one of the largest vaccine manufacturing company of the world. She attended the Met Gala 2018 and this year too! She shared the news on her Instagram,

"It's coming up... the first Monday of May."

I wish I was the fifth in the list, what say Met Gala?


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