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'Beti Badi Hokar Doctor Banegi', But Why Don't The Parents Want Independent Girls?

Date: 2019-09-27 18:24:56

By Manveen

indian social taboos and independent girls

Where are the independent girls?

In a country such as India, where the literacy rates are practically embarrassing, the number of people willing to send their children for higher education is unusual. However, one tried drilling the concept of education into the minds of Indians and may have been successful to an extent yet there is a loophole. Education is not just merely obtaining a degree, but having to implement it in your life along with all the learning.

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One yearns for the growth the most in their life. The whole point of education is for one to be in a better condition than they are in. This betterment often comes with the notion of being happy. What is happiness? What is it that makes us happy? Apart from the whole internet fed notion of food and sleep being the epitome of happiness, most people derive their due happiness from simply being able to follow their heart. To do what comes naturally to them.

But what if you are educated and not happy?

indian social taboos and independent girls

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Mostly everybody suggests that if you become adequately qualified then you will be happy. Now that you have been educated and have a job, why are you not happy?
Because you never wanted to become what your parents or society taboos fitted you into, you wanted to do something which makes you happy and satisfied, but the external pressure helped you inner pressure to build and landed you nowhere.

indian social taboos and independent girls

Sure, being a doctor is noble, but is it what you wanted to do? Brilliance and excellence have nothing to do with grades first of all. Most creative individuals are bad with logically based subjects, yet they go on to achieve great deeds in their lifetime. How? They do what comes naturally to them. Even if their job makes them miserable they are motivated to turn up because something deep inside them tells them to go forth and prove people wrong in which they are best at.

If you think there is no money anywhere else, then look at startups like Chai Point and Oyo rooms booming business. They are clearly making more money than 90 percent of doctors in the world and if you are thinking that forcing your kid will make them a doctor and also the 10 percent of the lot that makes crazy money, how can you be sure?

Chances are if you force your child they would not even turn up for class.

indian social taboos and independent girls

It is as simple as the fact that no matter what the situation is, one will not stop working hard if they called the action. But if somebody forced them to, then they will never be happy, they will be average and they can't be Sharma ji ka beta because maybe Sharma ji never forced their child. (No, we at TabloidXO never compare anyone with anybody but this was for those who do the comparisons, so maybe by this set of example, we might change the thought of such people).

indian social taboos and independent girls
indian social taboos and independent girls
So, they might make decent money for a living, but what is money worth when you are not even happy?
Bank balances do not go to the grave. Nothing goes to the grave. All you have is this life so do not make it miserable for yourself and for others.

#SayNoToSocialTaboos and Yes to #IndependentGirls.

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