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Dear Indian Society, Stop Differentiating Girls And Boys, 'Waqt Badal Raha Hai, Khud Ko Bhi Badlo'

Date: 2019-03-12 11:26:54

By Manveen

"Waqt badal raha hai, khud ko bhi badlo"


The case of time is such that it is not going to stop for any and will keep on changing with many. Times are different than they once were. Indeed, India had it's own questionable rites and rituals. The keyword here being "questionable", they were questioned by many and challenged by many more and the challenge was won too.


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We like to call it "Naya Hindustan" but how new are we really?
Are we new if we force girls into marriages?
Are we new if we do not think girls should get a good education?
Are we new if we think girls should stay in the kitchen?

Call yourself new as much as you may, it is just another adjective, but unless you make the new happen for real it is just three letters placed together. If you think that by sending your daughter to school or maximum to college is enough, then why do you send your son abroad for a masters degree?


If one glass of milk is enough for your daughter, then it should be enough for your son too, isn't it? After all, it is the same flesh and bones only, just aligned differently then why should one be set out to conquer the seven seas whilst the other slaves herself in the kitchen?

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Who made these rules?
No, more accurately, why should we follow these rules?

Female gender seconds male yet it is treated like it is not important. You can worship Devi's during Navratri and sing a hundred thousand prayers for her, but if your daughter wants to sing for the world you shun her down because it brings shame upon you and your family, acha!


Konsa Great Gharana Hai Ya Konsa Rajput Rajwara Hai?

You a normal being belongs to a normal family living a basic life pointlessly want to vest so much honor and dignity in a girl's vagina. It's just a genital and stop making it more than that, come on, don't you feel weird that all your honor, dignity, culture, sanskaar and a hundred other shit lies in just a genital?

Are you not ashamed enough just by this one statement?


If something is wrong for girls it is also wrong for boys and the genitals do not decide right or wrong, who came up with this idea is probably dead and should consider himself lucky because women now would not have spared him. We wished women back then did not spare him either, but what is done is done and cannot be undone.


But here is our verdict; you got to change with time. You got to accept that women are going to make individual choices that reach the horizon far from the kitchens and domestication, they will conquer the world and if you are not on their side then sorry mate because your team is going to lose.


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