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When A Girl Is Born, She Is Addressed Like A Princess, But As Soon As She Grows Up, She Realizes That Her House Is Not Her Kingdom.

Date: 2019-07-10 16:09:48

By Manveen

We have a saying in India, which people share when a girl is born in their house, "ghar mein lakshmi aayi hai", some retort to big celebrations to announce it to the world that there is a girl child in their house whilst some treat it as a matter of shame and grievance, the day of birth is marked as a crime scene, grim faces, and swollen eyes, words failing at the mouths of parents and relatives all alike. If they could scream their plight, they would but the only culprit, they see is the girl child, almost deaf to their anger.



But for the ones who shower hearts, flowers and dreams altogether on their baby girls hold it all back once the girl is of age. Some take education away from them and some introduce them to the household chores, which princess have you seen slave all day in the kitchen and milk her hands dry?


Crayons are switched with spatulas, toys with responsibilities, innocent dreams are replaced with unclear facts and heart feels a degree of pain it has never known before. There is another saying that goes around in India "Ladkiyan jaldi sayyani hojaati hai", well, first of all, it is not like you gave them a choice. It is not as if they were asked if you want to act like an adult at a mere age of 14-15, nobody told them that they could pick between responsibilities and carefree days, this was bestowed upon them as if it were there only destiny.


As their sons played out in the field, unaffected by the board's result, no idea about college or worry for that matter their daughters sat inside sewing a garment amongst a pile of them, silently sending prayers to god that she scores enough to impress the seriousness of her education on her parents minds also. That they send her for further coaching so she can become an engineer and once she has done that, once the cash starts flowing in she would not be subjected to the double standards she was raised with.


Almost as if a joke, the word "princess" means so little to her family. She need not be a princess, but to be treated as an equal being with thoughts and values, ethics and codes, feelings and opinion and be able to conduct herself out in the open with dignity and be reciprocated back with it too, that much only. No flowers and castles, no songs and bards, no fools and jesters, but a decent life with a school, an education, a college degree, liberty to choose a guy of her choice and a chance to pick between career before household responsibilities, just a shot to change something, to make a better difference for those who will come after her, this is all she asks for, you can bestow your kingdoms upon your sons, she will live with that for now.


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