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Indian YouTuber CarryMinati Is In Top 10 Lists Of TIME's 'Next Generation Leaders 2019'

Date: 2019-05-17 18:07:03

By TabloidXO Writers

One of the greatest YouTuber in India, Ajey Nagar Aka. Carryminati has been listed in the top 10 'Next Generation Leaders' 2019 by Time Magazine.

The Time's list consists of people who are contributing their bits in politics, music or other work which benefits the society.

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Carryminati has over 7 million loyal subscribers who listen to him and shower their love unconditionally. His first video on YouTube was when he was 10 years old and later in 2016, he had a decent amount of the subscriber base of around 5,00,000.

He has an audience who loves cringe-worthy videos and him, being an obedient YouTuber, he delivers such content to his audience.

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Carryminati again got his next boost later this year, when he created a diss track against Pewdiepie, a Swedish YouTuber named, Felix Kjellberg. His diss track was in retaliation to Pewdiepie video where he mocked an Indian man for speaking in broken English. His song "Bye PewDiePie" displayed a message where he told him that one day India will rule the world.


Carryminati has been an inspiration for the young generation, his goal is to motivate people to stand up for right and be confident in your language, color, or religion.

"Embrace your roots," He said.

We feel proud to have you, Carryminati.

Check out the full-Time list here.


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