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Nobody Can Match An Indian & Its Great Bargaining Skills.

Date: 2021-02-12 17:19:31

By Manveen

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India, the land of myths and legends, the land of epic tales and diverse cultures, rich varied history, and bright colours and what not?

What not?
What the globe does not give us much credit for?
Oh, nothing but a skill all of us are born with, bargaining.

Now see we have to admit that the first season of India's got talent was amazing, as was the second and the third but after that we were bored. We could not fake country love or feign any interest after that, the content after that was very repetitive.

Actually, we cannot even blame them. Dance, music, instruments, art, painting, stunts and etc. all were covered and no doubt people are talented but if you see it is the same thing coming again and again. If only they would have shown the true inborn talent, that comes either with ages of training or you are simply born with it.


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They definitely should have shown Indians bargaining due, I mean come on how can you not?
You can showcase everything but not this?

They let people eat tube lights and break bricks but could not show the world how well we Indians are good at a bargain?

If you think a girl with an MBA degree has some potential then you must also acknowledge the girl who bargains a top from INR 700 to INR 300 in Janpath?
Her talent blinds your eyes or what that you don't think she has enough potential?

Source: ahataxis


You name it and we can bargain with them.
Autowalas? Yes
Fruit vendors? Yes.
Local cloth retailer? Hundred percent.
Milkman? Even for two bucks.
Malls? Yeah.

They are a sad place when you are richly talented with the gift of bargaining. As ironic as it is but one can bargain for ten bucks with an Autowala but not utter a syllable at H&M for overcharging or argue with the Big Chills bill. That is one platform that acts as a hindrance to our talents, we fail there but it is okay we make up for it with discounts and sales.

All is well that ends well, and if not all then "Aal" indeed is well in India. (Please get the Three Idiots reference.)


Jokes apart, in India as long as you wear a Salwar Kameez and start screaming on the road at your local fruit or vegetable vendor, bargaining with him for 10 bucks nobody will even bat an eye because for every Indian this is cool, this is acceptable.

Strange Indian skills, isn't it?


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