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Introducing Pranav Bakhshi, India's First Male Model With Autism. He Is Coming To Rule The Fashion Industry

Date: 2019-06-02 14:14:29

By TabloidXO Writers

Attitude, Looks, Confidence, and most importantly, your hardwork, that's all you need when it comes to walk the ramp.

Pranav Bakhshi is that guy who fulfills all the above qualities. This 19-year-old is all set to change the game in the Fashion Industry. All those who say Autism is not made for models and Fashion industry,

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Pranav is here to prove them wrong.

Echolalia, a psychiatric disorder, it's a meaningless repetition of another person's spoken words.

Pranav calls autism his superpower, he wants to become one of the leading male models in the industry, not just for India, but he wants to walk the ramp for international brands too.

And we know he will make it true!

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In the ladder of success, Pranav already has grabbed one offer from the Delhi based modelling agency, named as Ninjas Model Management. However, this didn't came too easily, they had emailed to many of such modeling agencies, but nobody accepted the talent which he has.

His mother recalls the moment when they were in a mall and Pranav came up to her pointed his hands towards a billboard. He said, he wanted to be a model.

His mother listened to him and made his dream her own and she walked in the direction of what his son wanted to be.


Pranav has a 40% disability and acute anxiety. Her mother got to know about it when he 2-years-old. Though, his mother has always motivated him, and been his support system all through the time.

Pranav, you have become an inspiration for all of us to achieve our goals, Thank you!


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