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Dear Best Friend, I Am Jealous Because You Eat So Much & Still You Are Not Fat, 'Kya Khaya Tha Aunty Ne When You Landed On Earth?'

Date: 2019-08-06 16:26:53

By Manveen

The internet reminds us at least twenty times a day that we should love our bodies no matter what. Fat is curvy and broad is strong, all a part of all the body positivity, yet some cannot just accept it and live with it. It would be much easier to live with something like that if everybody you knew was fat or at least all your friends were fat, but if your friends are skinny and you are fat then group photos find an automatic focus themselves.



If somebody eats less, spends hours in the gym, wakes up at five in the morning to yoga and has no cellulite then everybody agrees with them for having that kind of a body. It is only fair that they are slim and fit because they are putting that much effort to get a body like that. On the other note, if somebody eats like a baby dinosaur, munches on everything in sight and drink alcohol like how you drink water when you wake up with a startle in the middle of the night then you demand answers from the universe.


Write a letter to god if you may, but somebody should be held accountable for something like this. How can one be blessed with such a privilege and deny others the same? Why did you not get the same? It is much easier to accept such an unfair atrocity when somebody you know from a distance has such a golden life, but when it is your best friend, it hurts like seven knives straight in your heart. Yes, Jon Snow style, took a dagger in the heart kinda pain.


Imagine you just randomly went out for a walk, it is a pleasant day and you happen to walk around the block where they have at McDonald's at the junction. By god's grace you also have the money to spend on food, but by god's grace you do not have another blessing, to eat without getting fat. By another one of god's not a blessing you watch your best friend eat one big Mac, full bag of fries, drink extra-large coke and then go for a McFlurry too, and you stand there with your mouth open, because, if you picked fries or a burger your body cannot come to terms with both, it's either the FAT or IGNORE the Junk and stay slim.

If this is not enough, then,


You go out shopping and clearly, Forever 21 and Zara are of the opinion that fat people do not exist, they make clothes that look good on thin people only. So as your best friend tries on everything, she looks like a million bucks and you stand there recalling the fact that if you would have maybe continued your gym routine, the one you dropped back tomorrow maybe then these clothes would fit you too.


If things are shiny from afar, we try to imagine that because something or the other might be wrong in their life too and if all else fails we declare the person dumb. Why credit somebody with two attributes when you can shame them for one? You cannot deny that they have a good body because it is visible but you can comment on the brand, so why not!


But when somebody as close as your best friend is fat, it is not a bright sunny day. Please god, do something about it, either make me slim or make her fat.

(A disclaimer: This article is just to pull your friend's leg. We don't believe in shaming anyone and we appreciate every size and believes in freedom.)

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