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8 Things You Will Relate To If You Are The Sali Of Your Jiju.

Date: 2018-11-25 21:06:32

By Manveen

"Dulhe ki saliyon,
Hi there, hare dupatte waaliyon!"

To have your sister get married was probably one of the biggest days of your life and with that big day came this big guy into your life too. You might have brothers, friends, cousins and a big family tree to sketch out too but when this branch was added in that tree, you knew something special was coming up.

And there are some things...oh sorry did I say some?? I meant there are a lot of things which only a Jiju and Sali will relate to:

1.) Sali-aadhi gharwaali:

You as a saali are always welcomed in your sister's house and nobody bats an eye even if you overstay your visit. Not just to say but you legit have taken over half their house and nobody challenges your authority because you have your jiju supporting you too.


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2.) Jiju gives the verdict.

So there was a college trip that your parents said no to first and you did agreed with your folks a well but you know who is that one batsman who will always play in your team?
Your dear dear jiju and if he says it is okay to go who is going to question him back, also thanks to the Indian patriarchal system. You were at least helpful once.


3.) Just as two cats fighting for the cake

Your didi is the cake and also the monkey acting as a referee between you two. Which one of you does she loves more is one equation even the greatest scholars cannot answer to.


4.) Overprotective.

He might not say it enough or say it directly but you know he always is looking out there for you. When Shahrukh was skeptical of Hrithik in K3G, you knew what Poo felt like. You are the Poo too.


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5.) Life advices.

Whilst your jiju has not known you your entire life but he has sure gotten a good measure of you and for some reason, you are more willing to listen to him than you are to anybody.


6.) Partner in crime!

So it was some boring relative’s boring function and you thought of adding vodka to everybody’s mocktails and guess what who else thought of it?

Again the beloved jiju.



7.) Guardian Angel

Your mom did not approve of your marks or dad thinks you should get married but your jiju as always plays in your team and is there around to save you from all the scolding.


8.) Secret Keeper

Maybe your sister had been doing this role all your life but now all your secrets lie safely with your jiju.


Quite a khatta meetha mix yet one of the most unique bonds, the jiju - saali relationship as no match.


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