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Dear Jiju, Get Your Wallet Ready For The Joota Chupayi Ceremony.

Date: 2018-12-19 17:27:49

By Manveen

"Dulhe ki saali, hare dupatte waali, gonna soon be your wallet churaane waali"

Hello to all the Jiju's, hope you are doing well and are in good health because soon you are going to be the giver of a lot of wealth.

See Jiju until you came, my sister was all mine. Her time, attention, undivided love was just for me but comes your mighty ass and then was split her love in to a Venn Diagram equation, I on one side and you on another.


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It was just me sharing her Netflix password, hogging her food, and guess what I being my usual self lived who has spent her entire life on her borrowed clothes, and this one day finds an oversized seat shirt which then I thought was cool but ask me now, it sucks, was yours. So you see it was just us two in an equation now you are a part of it.


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No, no I am not complaining. Who knows you might be a valuable asset to our team of two one day?

But all I am saying is I am sharing my sister with you and that Sir is a big honour that I am bestowing upon you. Hope you realize what a huge deal it is, Ask my door ki cousin how I punched her in the face when we were children when she tried to be a better sister to my sister!

I am trying to be friends here with you, Sir.


So speaking of friendship, Airtel came up with this catch phrase "Jo tera hai wo mera hai" toh Jiju you wallet is also mera and so is your money as is my sister to you.

But see how smart our culture is, they found a better way for you to be friends with me.

They came up with "Joota chhupayi ceremony" so call me or it cliche' all you want but I sure am going to hide those shoes of yours because I need my fees, okay?

Traditions are very important, *HashtagSanskaar*.


With that being said, the more money you are going to give me the better for you. I am only going to like you better and now that you are going to be married to my sister, you do want me to be on your team too, right?

Also, perhaps maybe if I sneak out those shoes for you, you should be more thankful to me because you need to invest in more stylish stuff now. Up your Fashion game, Jeejz!


So I will hide those shoes for you, you give me money (more it is...more merrier our bond will be) and I will go out a buy you a better pair of shoes (but dont ask me Gucci level brand, itne paise mein wo nahi ayega) and you Sir should be very very thankful for this service. Okay?



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