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I Am Unmarried & I Started Keeping Karva Chauth Fast After Hearing A Story From My Grandmother & I Am Glad I Did!

Date: 2018-10-25 11:51:30

By Mansha

Karwachauth, a word that itself has a meaning of love and life because love is life and life is love. On this day wives fast for their husband's long life and success and unmarried women too fast for their future husband's long life, success, good health, and peace of mind until they meet. The feelings behind keeping the fast are indescribable, as an unmarried girl these feelings too crashed into my mind and heart. When I reached the age of my twenties, I felt strange-changed feelings inside of me because of the sudden realizations that in a few years I would be settled with a man of my dreams.



I started keeping this fast after hearing a story from my grandmother that how this fast saved the life of a husband when she fasted for him while he was in very poor and imbalanced health. After hearing it I vowed to myself that I would too keep this fast before and after marriage, not only for his long life but for our ever-lasting love too. I pray to meet him when the time is right and when I would be ready to fulfill all of duties and responsibilities towards my family and love life. It's been three years since I have started keeping this fast and I still remember the feeling that I had felt for the very first time when I had "Sargi" and completed my fast after giving "Arg" to stars.


The feelings were overwhelming, while seeing to the stars I just prayed for him to be happy and healthy wherever he is, I prayed for his success so that he would ask for my hand proudly, I prayed to meet me as soon as possible so that I can tell him how much I love him and what he means to me and I vowed to myself and him that the day I would meet him, I will give my best and would love and care for him like no other. That day I realized how God has made this planet, how has he made matches for everyone without letting them know and how his matches are just perfect every time and for everybody.


That day I saw myself as a mature woman who already loves his future family and husband without knowing who are they? On the same day, I had real love for my in-laws because they would be the one because of whom I will get my lovely husband. I felt old-fashioned yet so dreamy knowing that how the dream of getting married has driven me crazy and made me fell in endless love. Karwachauth is not only a ritual or a festival, but it's also a feeling that cannot be expressed in words, it can only be felt or the feelings would simply be visible on your face behind your smile and laughter that would be full of love and happiness.


Every girl whether she accepts or not, she dreams of her mister perfect. Whether she says I am ready or not, deep inside she is always ready to meet her man and this is the starting for her to know that might be she is ready to start her new life or maybe she is ready to welcome someone in her life on whom she can shower her endless care, love and more. I have started thinking about him especially on this day and I am sure many girls like me too think about their future husbands.


Happy karwachauth!!!

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