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Such A Khadoos Boss They Are!

Date: 2018-09-19 12:35:46

By Mansha


As the title says, in this post, I will write about bosses and their mood swings. People talk about our mood swings ladies but our bosses have the worst mood swings than us. Even guys would agree with us on this. Right guys? In one moment, they will be this sweetest and wishing good morning with a wild smile to their employees and another moment, they will be agitated and start blaming us for all the problems which we don't even have a clue about. Have you ever encountered a scene with your boss where he just finished his own work but because he is not satisfied from his work, he holds us accountable for his work because we didn't allow him to pay attention to his work. Like seriously? You were inside with your laptop, doing your stuff and we were outside sitting quietly and doing our business. How the hell we were blamed. Sir, your work is your work, none of our work. No one is happier than us seeing you sitting inside your cabin and giving us some space to breathe.



Moreover to this, he is so bad in granting holidays, first, he will ask us about the reason and then he will ask us is it that important? Sir, we shouldn't have asked you if it is not that important to us and if by chance we fell ill, he will be more annoyed than us because he is worried about his on time CHAI and BISCUITS. Have you ever wished your boss on his birthday? If yes, then you will definitely feel connected to this, as he walks inside the office and in unison we wished him, he will be happy no doubt about that, but that day too he can't show even 1% mercy to us. He will be more into hard work that day because he knows "Kya Pata Kal Ho Naa Ho".


These bosses are too cute to handle sometimes when it comes to celebrating our birthdays in their office, very sweetly they will give instructions to other employees to arrange a cake for us, and they won't be there for the full time but just ten minutes of him being there is enough to tell how much they respect and care for their employees but when it comes to the increment, no one can beat their baby cries, they try hard to move the date ahead or promises you double increment next time but they also know, we are way smarter than them when money comes between us.


One of my friends shared this very funny incident with me on her khadoos boss, she went inside his cabin and said sir I will resign if you won't increase my salary or position, at least one should be done. He got up, moved out and said, I am resigning because you people have sucked my blood out from each of my veins. After that day, she is still working there with the same scenario, with the same boss and one thing she has understood that no one can win from these khadoos boss.


Do you have khadoos boss? If yes, then share your experiences with us. We promise you that we won't share it with your bosses because these khadoos bosses are hard to handle during their mood swings.

I am wondering, will I be able to write my next article because this is definitely going to my boss for his feedback. SHIT, I AM SCREWED.


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