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Khalsa Aid Foundation - The Hero, The World Needs.

Date: 2019-07-28 18:04:27

By TabloidXO

Khalsa Aid foundation is an international NGO that aims to provide humanitarian aid in causes of disasters like floods, tsunamis, war, etc and civil conflict zones around the world. This organization follows the Sikh principle - "Recognize the whole human race as one."


It all boils down to who we are and what we do. What we make our lives off in the end. One such human thought of what he wanted to be in this world and ended up being the founder of Khalsa Aid. Ravinder Singh was struck by the plight of the refugees in Kosova in 1999 which was also the 300th Birth anniversary of Khalsa. When he saw the footage, he was inspired to join the extremely generous community to donate food and money. Henceforth, Khalsa Aid was born.



It is the very first cross border NGO and is attached to no community, even though it's belief and principles come from Sikh. At this point, the UK-based Khalsa Aid has a team so strong they've been reaching Punjab floods to Assam floods in a quickie.


When you see that people out there are joining hands for a better cause say providing food packs for Syrian refugees or ration to over 4000 victims of Assam floods, you know there is a world out there who cares no matter who you are and what you do. To know that someone is taken care of while they are going through a post-disaster period is the ultimate blessing!


I find it really inspiring that the youth is more than ever involved in such NGOs and universities are encouraging them internships in the same too. Recently, I joined an educational NGO group to go to Kutch regions of Gujarat and communicate locally as to why educating yourselves is important. I heard stories, cried, laughed, felt so much and realized we all can give in for a better cause which is not concerned with us at all. A selfless act, what they call it. I slept so much better when I didn't expect anything in return while I was on that trip. Khalsa Aid was a strong inspiration for me to join such an NGO and contribute my words out there.


Every life matters, however much you hate someone you'll still run to save them unless you're not humane. Ravi Singh has given a new identity, homegrown respect for all the refugees out there who are shattered from the inside and need our support. The world is as cruel as it can get but some of us got to do the right things. We need heroes like Ravi Singh, who urges humanity a purpose, who doesn't bias on his religion only believes and puts faith himself, who has created this platform for the good of the needy.


I believe donating for causes and NGO like these will only add to help worldwide. We should all donate for humanitarian causes to help out our kind.

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