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These 'Chindi Chote Bache' Who Have Not Even Crossed Their Teenage Life, Have Their Girlfriend

Date: 2018-08-27 15:07:51

By Mansha


I was partying with my friends in the nightclub and we all are in our twenties but soon we realized that why this place is crowded with kids all around. They were seen to be sixteen years to eighteen years old crowd and we were shocked and mesmerized seeing their romantic gestures with their loving girlfriends. After that, reality hit us that boss, our time is finished and this new generation is banging it. Their dance moves and the way they were holding their girlfriends was funny and annoying to see.


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At the age of playing, learning, eating and enjoying their childhood they are busy loving or banging their girlfriends. We 90s kids were hell different from them, we were so busy in figuring out, who will take the batting first or how to tell mom that we want to celebrate our birthday in McDonald's apart from Bikaner or faking to sleep only to get safe from "papa ki daant". We used to come from our school and then planning what to play in the park with colony friends after our tuitions. But this generation is hell spoiled and they don't know the real meaning of childhood. At that time, we didn't even know what nightclubs or lounges mean or we didn't even have any cellphones with us but these people talk to each other like a real couple with all those "babu, shona or baby" that it makes me nauseous sometimes.


Also, remember our knowledge about love or lust guys, we used to think even a small touch is a sin and I still remember, we used to stay quiet in class because if we use to talk, teachers used to make us sit with the opposite sex and that was the biggest punishment for us but this generation, the knowledge they have is sufficed to understand that what real intimacy is. That day, I was just scrolling down to my Instagram feed and there I saw a son of my cousin who must be like 14 or 15 years old and he had uploaded this photo with his girlfriend wishing her happy birthday with this cheesy line under it and I was thinking we are still scared of our parents like what if they find out that we are dating this man or woman. These kids are fearless and damn confident.


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Also, the way they deal with mood swings, oh god, we are still figuring how to deal with it but these kids are born with the inbuilt talent to date with mature understanding. I often think, we are useless and idiots in front of them, where we are still figuring it out what to do with our lives, these people are already sorted with their love life and who give the shit about the career. Right kids?


Joke apart, kids try to do something valuable with your life other than just fooling around and making these relationships a whole world for you. You are too young for that, learn new things and play and eat and tease. Spend some time with friends and learn the true meaning of childhood.

Childhood means innocent times of doing things in your life from which you will learn as well as make a lifelong memory from it. You won't be having any stories to tell when you will be our age because you haven't spent that childhood which we have.

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