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Dear Best Friend, You Are Completely Mera, Phaadke Rakhdungi Sab Ko.

Date: 2021-03-12 12:44:14

By Ratika

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Dest Best Friend, I am writing this letter to let you know how obsessed I am for you,

"Jo mera hai wo tera hai and dear beloved best friend you are also completely mera"

Maybe it is a very peculiar arrangement you know to interact with a bunch of people, grow close to them, and just like a lottery machine that pops out one you randomly picked one and labeled it best friend.


Which is not a bad thing, just strange, but what if the best friend does not best friend you back?

Galat hi kat jayega fir toh.

In most cases the aforementioned does not happen, most not all, kaafi logo ka katt jata hai. Coming back to the point now that you have won your lucky draw you do not like to share your prize, frankly, nobody does so all the other people need to back off.

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Yes, make a template of "Property of *insert name*" and hang it in your best friend's neck. Which is just one brand away, now that the entire world is going as gaga as fashion was, it will take for only one brand to make a couple of models walk with an accessory like that and fir aajayengey naye type ke chokers.


Perhaps, when one's best friend finds a new buddy, how dare you, you dhokebaaz, was I not enough!

But see, the best friend should understand that you also had the choice to go pyscho over somebody else but you picked them, they became your chosen one. Harry Potter ko bhi itni importance nahi mili Voldemort se jitni you are receiving best friend, kuch toh kadar kar.

Remember that scene in Sonu Ke Titu ki Sweety wherein the climax Sonu asks to either pick him or Sweety and those couple of seconds in between with Tera Yaar Hoon Main playing in the background where you had your heart in your mouth, fingers red crossed and mind mentally praying "Saale Titu dare you pick Sweety", we relate to that too. We know that feeling bruh even if your real bruh is not bruh-ing you, be thankful that at least somebody else is.


So yeah just imagine what if Titu would have picked Sweety? Just imagine, oh the horror!

So before your Titu gets trapped by a sweety or sweetu or whatever, Just go and tie your name tag, okay?

Fuck personal space, India mein woh kya hota hai?
Go clinging to your besty like you own that son of a gun.


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