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A Letter To Every Guy Best Friend

Date: 2018-11-21 13:52:51

By Mansha

People say, a boy and a girl can never be best friends and on that I would say, that is total rubbish. Because I am one of those women who have a group of friends where the majority is guys and one of them is my guy best friend.

He is the reason for my happiness and helps me to keep all those dramas aside. Remember, all those dramas with girlfriends, "how dare she called me that", "you saw what she was wearing, oh my god, that was so out of fashion", "I called my ex-yesterday and we had a big fight". Yes, this all happens with your girlfriends, but when you are with your guy best friends, you are far away from all the drama. We talk about shit and we laugh our heart out. No boyfriend talks, no enemies talks, no world talks, we are happy and tension free when we are together.


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Problems seem so easy with them. No matter what you are going through, their guy perspective will help you to get out of it. Especially, when you break up with your boyfriend, the way they will console you, no one can. They will laugh with you and at you for your stupid decision and also, they will make sure to protect you from him and they will crack his head if required. You can share any problem without getting judged, that's what makes us so confident and relaxed.

Sharing is not a problem, either problems or secrets. If problems seem to be easy then sharing your secrets is far better. Your secrets are safe with them. They can never backstab you, they will make sure that your secrets are protected and every secret has a complimentary advice from them. If you tell them that you sneaked out of your house in the night to meet your girls, they will scold you, they will tell you to be safe. But then, he trusts you and you trust him.


Clubbing, partying is so much fun. They will be a partner in your crime. Checking out all those hot guys are so much fun with them. They will introduce you to all those hot guys. And will make sure you are having a good time and also in the safe environment. Making you try all new cocktails and shots. You can be you around them, feeling safe with them.


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Sitting on a date and realizing you are not having a good time? Here he comes to your rescue, just one text he will be there to take you out from there and then laughing with you, teasing you, laughing at you and still you don't feel offended. That's what true friendship is.


Going out even in your pajamas is not a problem because no one is there to judge you. Your messy hair, no makeup look is totally fine around them. They are always ready to have those rubbish talks with you, no matter what time is it? And sometimes, even intellectual talks are fun with them, you learn so much from them and they will teach you as if they are teaching their younger sister. After getting drunk, you can totally be you in comparison to your girls, you can say whatever you want to and next morning just get ready to get roasted but those talks would be always between you guys. Have you ever had, double meaning talks with them or shared dirty jokes? I have and I laughed without getting judged.



They are most jugaadu people, they have a solution to every problem, like, having trouble to make your school or college assignments, he would be the one to give you all the mobile numbers where you can get them made. Or, met with an accident, he will make sure to get that dent made before your brother gets to know. Even your parents are happy with them. They don't mind them to cover over even at night to meet you. They are like friends like family. He will give best birthday parties, he will make sure your birthday goes well and will get all those booze by himself, he will make you go drunk but also take care of you like a child.


Having this type of friendship is a blessing. I remember a dialogue from movie "Pyaar Ka Punchnama" where he says, "Pata Nahi yeh ladkiya best friends Kaha se lati hai humeuin toh Nahi dikhte", today I have a perfect answer to it, "You too have that instinct within you, its just that you guys don't notice it, we do and we are proud of it".

Through this letter, I want to thank you for always being beside me when no one else was, thank you for sharing all those problems with me and trusting me. Thank you for giving me the best advice.

Much love.


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