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Thank You, Uncle And Aunty, For Raising Your Son The Way Every Girl Loves To Be With, Your's 'Hone Wali Bahu.'

Date: 2019-06-18 10:34:09

By Mansha

There are very few guys, who come to the relationship for real love and companion because most of the cases are on time passing, cheating and disrespecting the partner. Before coming into the relationship, I was doubtful and scared, if this would work out.

I met my boyfriend, a few years back during our college Fest, he was my senior and I was under him in his preparation team. That was the time when we got to know each other better and developed the bonding of the great friends and slowly, that bonding turned up into getting fond of each other. There were endless meetings and talks over the phone, everything goes as perfectly as any other girl would dream and one day, he asked me out to be his girlfriend.


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That day onwards, my life has just been better than before. He cared for me like a baby, comfort me during my unwell days as a real gentleman by bringing flowers, gifts, and desserts and loved me like no other. Because of him, I count myself lucky for having him as my boyfriend.

The way he is and the way he treats me is a sign that he has been bought up by a queen and king by themselves. Today, by this medium, I would like to thank his parents for raising the right man. I might don't know you, but one day, I will meet you as your future daughter-in-law till then, every day I say "thank you" for giving birth to a boy, who has finally turned up into the perfect gentleman.


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Your values totally can be seen, the way he talks and acts in front of the people. I am his girlfriend, but he knows, how to respect me like a lady, his touch makes me feel comfortable with-the right amount of touching. All these things are the signs that you both have been successful in teaching him the values. His sense of understanding my problems and various other situations shows me that he knows he understands my pain because all his life, he has seen his father doing the same for his mother.


His right amount of care for me, never made me feel suffocated in the relationship. He has always trusted me with my decisions; this shows that you both have taught him the value of space by giving him one. You never stopped him from taking his own path because of which, he always trusted me with everything. Again, thank you for upbringing the right kind of man.



I love him for what he is, I trust him with my life and I would like you to know that you both have been successful in bringing up your boy because he knows, how to love his family. When I see him, loving you and respecting you both, I feel happy about being the part of his life and maybe, the part of your future family.

Thank you, uncle and aunty, for giving birth to the love of my life.


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