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Dear Bhai, I Love You, But Hai Toh Tu Kaam Chor Hi.

Date: 2019-11-08 19:14:11

By Manveen

Don't you think it is funny that we can kill and die for our siblings, but would never switch off the light for them if they ask us to? They can have whatever we have except the TV remote. Does not matter if we are watching the same thing, but the remote has to be with us. Funny and cute, that is the relationships siblings have.

letter to brother

One can love their brothers with their whole heart and still not ignore the fact that they cannot kill a fly. Why are you brothers like that anyway? Here's a letter to brother because I hate you like I love you.

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Dear brother,

Today I write to you from the bottom of my heart, I do love you, but why are you so useless? Have you ever thought what would your life be without me?

Yeah, yeah, I get it. Now your rant of "you are my personal assistant or younger sibling are meant to be slaves" and other such five hundred worst non-sensical crap. Is there anything else you want to say? Oh wait, you actually would not. You are too lazy to even do that now, are you not?

Ugh, brothers. I tell you!

letter to brother

But you know just think about it. You do not need to start on a monthly basis. You can try a daily routine instead even of a weekly one. A routine where you wake up everyday, get your own glass of water, wake up without having me scream at you hundred times turning into a bullhorn. Try finding your clothes yourself, get ready and do some work. That sounds like magic, no?

What will we call that word now? Magical kingdom or kingdom of dreams?

(Well, to be honest, both are taken by adventure and water parks. We will have to be more creative in naming. Actually, I will have to do that also alone because I am pretty sure you would not even do that.)
letter to brother

Have you ever thought if you did not have an amazing sister such as me what would you have done? You could not even have survived a day. Yet you have the audacity to call me adopted. Perhaps it is not me but you who were adopted. Nobody else in our family with our gene pool is so useless except you. So maybe our parents did pick you up from a garbage dump or was it a railway station?


The railway station is outdated and sounds from Bollywood!

Okay, no problem. Metro stations were not there at that time, so we cannot take you from there. How about a Sony store? Clearly, given the time you spend with your phone and PS4, that will explain a lot of things to us and to the world.

letter to brother

All jokes apart, I do love you and you might be a loser, but you still are my brother. Yes a loser-brother, but my BROOOTHER!

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