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Dear Best Friend, I Know We Fight & We Have That 'Khaandani Gussa', I Wanted To Say Is 'Abse Nahi Ladenge'

Date: 2018-08-30 18:21:17

By Mansha

We are friends since our teenager's days and it's almost been eight years but still, I am not sure about the year's thing. We have had our best school memories where we played, teased, laughed and sometimes cried too. One of the best school memories if I have is my best friend and our whole group coming back from school, talking on phone for hours about anything, helping each other during exam days and also copying each other's homework, yes, we had done it all which all students do with their best friend in school.



Then, the school got over and college took us in different directions or I would say seven seas apart. I was here and she was far-far away from me but still, we managed to talk to each other and being for each other whenever required. If any drastic change happened in our college, she used to be the first one to know about or if something great happened in life, still she was the first one to know about.


We were and still like a knight in shining armor. When she used to be here for holidays, meeting her every single day, going out and realizing how much I missed her and crying even harder when she has to fly back, realizing how soon holidays got over and now we are back to basics. Years were passed and this same routine was going on for years.



We reached to that level of friendship where phone calls became less but still, we knew that we are there for each other no matter when and where. We had and kind of still have that understanding.


But then they say, when we are in that age of getting older and wiser, getting so caught with our own problems, we tend to make this assumption that why should we call her or him every time, why can't they call? And in this race of ego, we build various misunderstandings, which at some point start affecting our relationship and sometimes the love, which we share. Before, when we used have problems, without even thinking twice we used to just dial her number and say "dude, I need you" but now when life is taking such drastic changes and pressures are limitless we start to think "no one cares for us and she should be the one to call and ask me" but in this thought we forget that "how will she get to know if I will not tell her what I am going through".


One day things get heated up and we try to figure it out what went wrong and believe me when we sit and talk, nothing comes up and you end up thinking "what are we even fighting for" you were just pissed off on yourself and you decided to take that all on that one person to whom you can call your property. Yes, I said it today. YOU ARE MY PROPERTY.


Sometimes, no one is wrong just time and our badass mouth is wrong. Ego comes in between and our long-lasting relationship gets affected. Miscommunication is the main thing that gives rise to such big problems. So, today call you're that friend who is so close to your heart but far away from you, tell them that you love and miss them.


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