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Thank You My Dearest Husband.

Date: 2018-12-19 16:39:01

By Mansha


To Dear Husbands...

Thank you for coming into our lives and making us realize that what is real love? You taught us to be more confident, mature and understanding. Your support is what we ever wanted and what we will want for our remaining lives. We have never said this before but we apologize for every single time when we were bombarded over you through mean words while having arguments but we say all of those things to you because we can be totally us in front of you because you are not only our husbands but best friends too, we know sometimes we go overboard with all the dramas but we do those dramas only in front of you because we feel secure with you, we know that nothing can harm us till you are standing next beside us.


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Days and nights when we sit together and talk our hearts out to each other, those kind of days and nights are my favorite because that is when you are all mine but marriage does bring a lot of baggage with it like families and other responsibilities. Sometimes we get so busy in all the formalities with the families and responsibilities that we forget to give some quality time to each other that it leads to major frustration and we end to take out that frustration on each other.


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We always knew marriage would never be with full of romance and laughter, some days we will have our differences but we vowed to ourselves that we will never let you go out from our life, we will do everything that it takes to make us a perfect family. We love it when you take our sides even though deep inside you knew that we were wrong but still you never show that in public, you always told such mistakes of ours in private that made us realize that our reputation is yours too. You never tell us your feelings in words but your actions are enough at times like protecting us from everything, maybe, a taunt from our mother-in-law. Again, thank you for supporting us.



Sorry for snapping at you sometimes on pity things like toilet seats are not down, TV remotes are not in their places or complaining you about certain things when you come home. Now, when we're being truthful, we want to tell you that we snap at you on certain things because we ought to compare the current life with life at our parents house, we tend to be like our own mothers, we know it's unfair but that's how it is, we love it when you become answerable on things without getting snapped at us back. Also, when you treat our parents like your own, we become proud of our choice that is YOU. You have never expected us to be perfect on anything, thank you for that again, but we wives promise to our husbands that maybe we are not perfect but for you, we will always try to be flawless.


You are not only the husband or a life partner; you are our universe around whom our life revolves. Please be with us throughout our lives because, without your support and love, we are like a lost kid in the forest.

Every wife from every corner.


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