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Letter To My Best Friend Who Has Become So Busy That She Not Even Reply To My Texts But Still I Love Her

Date: 2018-10-05 17:21:23

By Mansha


Ok, Nahi Hu!


Ok, let me puke out all my frustration.

Dear sister,

I was excited about your marriage and when you got married and moved to another city I was sad and I felt as if something very important has been snatched away from me. Wait, no need to get emotional because in this letter I won't tell you to remember our days together or stuff because I want to slap you. Your promises of we will talk every night and nothing will change was all nonsense. Right? Now you don't even reply to my texts or call me. Sister, you need to remember that I was the first person to enter into your life before your darling husband. So you better give me my importance and place back because you are really pissing me off.


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I miss you on all those days when I have new gossip to tell you, I miss you when something new happens with my life and I miss you, even more, when I have no one else to share things. I have accepted the fact that after marriage you have more important things to take care of, your priorities had to change and I have no problem with that but I do have problem when you ignore my texts and then reply me after 12 hours, when you have no time to talk to me to listen to my endless dramas and when you ignore my memes where I have tagged you (that really irritates me). I am happy for you and him but now I love him more than you, trust me now I really do because he is the only one among you two who show at least little bit interest to talk to me. You really need to come back to your Ms. Mode from Mrs. because this best wife attitude really annoying me like hell. Don't you miss me? Because I can't feel in that way, earlier every night before sleeping you used to call me but now (I get it you have more exciting nights now) you are too busy to even text me a good night message. One day I will take my revenge my sister and that day I will be in your place and you will be on mine, you will cry to talk to me but I will not pick any of your calls and that day you will realize that you were wrong (wait and watch).


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Well, I think this is enough to make you realize that you suck a big time, so after you will read this, I am hoping to get a call from you to say sorry (trust me I am seriously waiting).



Well apart from all the jokes, I love you and I will not say that I miss you because I know even though you don't have time for every day now but you still care for me and love me like before and nothing has changed. Only distance has changed and your priorities, which are, fair enough. Come soon to meet me because I am looking forward to our long drives and late dates.

Sister from another mother


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