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Okay Maybe I Am The Kebab Mein Haddi Between You And Your Bae But Without Me 'Tera Kuch Nahi Hona'

Date: 2019-01-06 11:54:52

By Manveen

"Yeh Dosti hum nahi todhenge, todhenge hum agar toh tera relationship but not apna saath bruh".
So best friend if I ask you that who came first, an egg or a hen, you would not know or would you?
But if I ask you if I came first or your boyfriend, then you sure as hell have to know this one and say me, of course.



By this I am so proud to see the person you have become and grown in to, you have your priorities set, way to go woman!
I am your foremost, your omnipotent and it is for all the love I bear for you that I have to work as your guardian angel, I am protecting you against the darkness of this world. How do I trust me dearest one with any guy?

So sure you have known him for a year now but how do I trust him?


He could be a pyscho serial killer for all we know. Yes, yes, I know you have known him long but what if he likes to play for long with his prey for much more time than others?

World's a crazy place, not just miracles but stranger things are happening every day. Remember Nemo? She did not listen to her dad and look what happened to her. How can I let my best friend feature a crime patrol episode and that too without me, huh?


Also if you look at it correctly because if he thinks I am the one who is the "kebab mein haddi", I personally think he is just delusional. You and I go back way before, it is not that you guys had a movie plan and I tagged along but more of you and I are a combo, like shahi paneer and dal makhani in every veg thaali, that is how complete each other.

You and I are a plan, a team, we do not plan anything we just do everything together and he just is trying to come in between and trying to be the raita, whilst some approve of a raita some just do not see it's point. Anyway, it's winter now, a lot of people do not even want raita.

So tell your raita to know where he stands.


And what if he is just another Sweety in a Sonu Titu equation? Sweety ka end mein parda faash hogaya tha and all Titu had after all this time was just his one beloved friend Sonu. I am your Sonu, I am only looking after you, my mate. You should thank me, yes worship at my feet, nobody else would even waste a breath on a person like you but I, the divine have bestowed all my love on you.


Even if I am the haddi, just consider me a haddi, not in a kebab but in more of you know a chicken lollipop situation. Without it, the chicken lollipop ceases to be yum, it loses it's importance if there is no haddi. Are you getting my point?

Your greatest
Best Friend!

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