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Dear Roommate, Although You Have Made My Life Hell, Thanks For Being My Other Sibling!

Date: 2019-03-15 16:18:12

By Priyanshi


Dear roommate,

We are like North and South Poles, living in extremes. Still I am in a shock that we are actually sharing a room & living together since long. I have to admit that our relationship has been bittersweet throughout these past months, but the fact I know is that I always have someone when in emergency . We don't talk about every detail of our lives like most 'roommates' do, but we know we can lean on each other's shoulders to heal those unsaid things. They say opposites attract, well that wasn't really the case with us.


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From the times you hated me for switching on the lights while you were fast asleep to the times one of us had to go open the door when the bell rang, the only two commonalities between us is one - we are lazy on the same levels & two - we are clean freaks. At least on these factors, we are on the same page! I took my time to understand you and observe your behavioral patterns - what makes you angry or sad or happy or extremely happy. Not to mention you are one moody b*tch but the fact that we can refer to most of the talks (even shit) is what makes us closer.


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There are days when we don't talk or feel distant from each other, but the beautiful thing about the relationship we share is that we won't have to go through that awkward phase or formality to get back. We'll start from where we left and that makes me way more comfortable with you than others. I won't show or tell you always, but there is a certain kind of comfort I feel when you are around or know that you are there, an assurance that if I fall back, you will be there to pick me up, silently and gracefully.



I remember how we connected to the depth we felt when we talked about the people back in our hometown and how different life is in big cities than small towns. I remember you saying that everyone should grow up in a small town to truly extract the essence of life. That line has been resonating in my ears since. Thanks for not killing me every time I cribbed because I know that took a lot. I have to say, I prioritize you and am always a call away. You've cared for me in ways just like a sibling would, so thanks for being one, welcome to the fam! I will always remember you as somebody who knows her shit even while she's down with shit. Thanks for being low maintenance. :-)




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